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PrepLadder’s Dream Pack 2021 and the Importance of Clinical Learning

Jan 20, 2021

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According to a recently conducted medical study on the Use of Online Clinical Videos for Clinical Skills Training for medical students, confirmed: “the overall positive impact of clinical videos on student learning. Interactive tools and using of mobile devices help students make more effective use of these resources”. Read the full research article here  To make medical learning yield more than ever, PrepLadder has introduced it’s 2021 Dream Pack. It has got everything you need to ace your Entrance Exams, including the recently launched Clinical Essentials - exam-oriented clinical videos.  With these Exam Oriented Clinical Videos, you step into the Clinic with the Dream Team from the comfort of your home and observe cases that are common and relevant to everyday practice as well as your exams. The 2021 Dream Pack is an all-in-one subscription that is comprehensive, effective, and carefully planned, and designed to be result-oriented. Time management plays the most important role in competition and eligibility exams. It can make or break the desired results. Therefore, PrepLadder’s 2021 Dream Pack is designed in such a manner that your time is wisely spent. Like Dr. Apurv Mehra (PrepLadder’s Dream Team Faculty) has rightly said ‘Padho woh chahiye jo’. Watch Some Sample Clinical Videos to See What’s Coming. Learning through Clinical Videos not only enhances your understanding of the subject but also teaches you on improving patient safety which has been identified as the top healthcare priority in most countries.

2021 Dream pack- Everything it has got

Clinical Essentials: Step into the clinic with the Dream Team and get practical insights that are exam relevant. More Clinical Videos will be integrated with due time. NEXT Ready: Dream Pack 2021 contains Integration of basic and clinical subjects which is expected to make up a bulk of the upcoming NEXT exam questions. Updated Video Lectures - Most of the subjects have been updated with new video lectures. More updated videos will continue to be added throughout the year. Integrated QBank - Clinical questions, that deal with several subjects and test your understanding of multiple interdisciplinary concepts, have been added.  New Treasures - We have added several new treasures to expand an already vast and high yield library, and soon we’ll be adding even more. Previous Year Exams - All recent previous year exams have already been added to the app. So, you can practice and familiarize yourself with the latest exam pattern. QBank 3.0 - The PrepLadder QBank 2.0, which already has over 23000 Questions will soon be updated to QBank 3.0. You’ll get even more questions, even more practice, and even better explanations.   PrepLadder’s focus like always is on helping you own your dream. So, whether it's our well structured Notes, All India Championship Exams, Premium Mock Exams, or our app, we’ve channeled all our efforts into improving what's already great.   Get your subscription today by downloading the PrepLadder App:- Android: bit.ly/androidprepladderapp iOS: apple.co/2lHuLil Stay tuned for more updates.. Keep Following PrepLadder
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