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All You Need To Know About PrepLadder’s “Freedom Deal”

Aug 12, 2022

All You Need To Know About PrepLadder’s “Freedom Deal”

This 75th Independence Day, let’s celebrate the freedom to get an education!

The 75th Independence Day is here. While getting ready to celebrate this momentous occasion, we asked ourselves what true Independence means. 

We at PrepLadder believe becoming self-reliant is synonymous with Independence. Our education is the only thing that allows us to build a holistic life for ourselves and realise our dreams. This ability to run our life on our own terms and being able to express what’s on our minds is FREEDOM to us! 

And, we think the majority of Indians would agree with us on this. 

On this note, we would encourage everyone to empower themselves with learning.

Because in the words of George Washington Carver, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

To commemorate our 75th Freedom Celebration…

PrepLadder is offering an amazing opportunity to avail 75 days of additional validity on the NEET PG Dream Pack. So, if you choose to make PrepLadder your study partner in your NEET PG journey, then we will offer you 75 days extra on your Dream Pack subscription. 

However, the offer is available only until the 18th of August

So, if you are preparing for NEET PG 2023, you must hurry. Check details here


Why PrepLadder’s NEET PG Dream Pack?

If you are aiming for the NEET PG exam 2023, then PrepLadder’s Dream Pack will make your NEET PG preparation more fruitful. Here’s what the pack entails:

Video Lectures

PrepLadder is proud to work with some of India’s best doctors and educators who constitute our Dream Team. With the help of our Dream Team, we develop video lectures on all topics so that you can learn in a more engaging manner. Our aim is to make even the most challenging topics seem manageable and keep you hooked till the last moment. 

As a Dream Pack 4.0 subscriber, you can access all our video lectures on the app. These videos are updated to follow the NEXT pattern as per the MCI guidelines. 

Dream Pack 4.0 NOTES

When it comes to NEET PG preparation, students have a very limited amount of time and an extensive syllabus to cover. To help you cover the entire syllabus in detail we have developed PrepNotes. These notes are highly comprehensive yet concise so that you can cover everything in less time. 

Plus, the notes are enriched with excellent images, illustrations, graphs, and features to help you revise like never before! And for every given topic, past year exam questions with answers are also provided. Not only that, at the end of every chapter, you will find related clinical questions to enhance your clinical knowledge.

Module Based Learning

To enhance your conceptual understanding of the topics, we offer you an integration of multiple subjects. With this feature, when studying a particular system, you will be able to develop a unified view of its basics and applications. You will find videos, along with notes and playlists of videos systemwise. Ten videos integrating different subjects will appear on your screen after clicking on a playlist.

Clinical Case Discussions

To simplify your exam prep further, we have clinical case discussion videos. You get to access 236 detailed videos covering the entire syllabus in a manner that will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the topics. The videos feature discussions on clinical cases you may encounter during clinical postings. 

High-yield QBank

We also offer you a vast Qbank consisting of previous year questions and many high-yield questions to practise. PrepLadder’s expert faculty have ensured that the QBank on the app is as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus. 

Besides, the QBank is also equipped with additional features to enhance your learning experience. 

  • The questions are planned and framed as per the recent Medical-PG exam trends.
  • Systematic segregation, tagging, and elimination of repetitions make the revised QBank the best collection of questions for an aspirant.
  • You’ll find concise explanations for each question, charts and vivid illustrations that make things easy to understand and remember. 
  • Active Guidance allows users to approach long-stem questions in time-efficient time management.
  • The Custom Module enables you to create a question bank of your own, as per your schedule and convenience. 
  • You can customise the QBank based on the number of questions, subject, topic, specific tags, difficulty level and type of questions (Previously attempted, Unattempted, Incorrect, Bookmarks)


Preparation without analysis doesn’t reap desired results. So, we have added a performance analysis feature, which allows you to evaluate your performance in every test you take. After you submit a test, you get a report card with details like your score, percentile, no. of correct and incorrect answers, no. of attempted and unattempted questions, accuracy, and more. 

PrepLadder’s Dream Pack 4.0 is a must-have tool in every NEET PG aspirant’s arsenal. So, make sure you grab our Independence Day offer and start preparing with the best learning resources. Download the app now. We look forward to witnessing you making your dreams a reality.

Happy Independence Day 

Own Your Dream 

Team PrepLadder

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