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Aug 12, 2021


When the minds fueled by perseverance and high aims get together, the collaborative results are groundbreaking ideas and stellar performances. This belief and the aim to benefit our users the best way, led to the inclusion of a new feature in the PrepLadder app- Group Study or Study with Friends.

When you embark on your journey to prepare for a challenging entrance test, there are certain roadblocks that you can eliminate right in the beginning. The process of elimination becomes a cakewalk if you study with friends who understand your goals and know what you are going through. PrepLadder's new feature allows its users to study together without having to worry about finding a suitable place or study adda. COVID-19 forced us to choose isolation over getting together. PrepLadder therefore found a way to ensure that you get to study with your friends’ group without having to step out. As they say- modern problems require modern solutions! 

Here's everything you need to know about this feature:

The Working

1. Creating a friend list:

A premium  user can add three of their friends to the friend list on the app via three access points- Side Bar, Home Screen, and Test Analysis Screen. To reap the benefits of this amazing feature, one must be a premium member and their chosen friends must be premium subscribers. If a premium user desires to add a non-premium subscriber to their list, they can share a referral code with them to subscribe to PrepLadder’s premium pack. However, your group study list is not like your Instagram friend list, because here quality wins over quantity. You can add up to 3 friends and have the option to cancel the friend request in case you change your mind. If your friend does not accept the request within 48 hours, it automatically gets cancelled.

2. Updated Information:

After you successfully create a friend list on the app, the test performance card will bear the updated information and you will have access to - 1) Updated you v/s others, 2) Updated Performance Graphs and, 3) Updated leaderboards. You will be able to see and analyze your friends’ scores, overall performances, and accuracy levels. Also, the number of attempted and correct questions for a given test will no longer be a secret. This feature lets you draw a comparison between your performance and the performance of any and every member of your friend list (you v/s others). 

If a friend of yours does not appear for a given test, you can challenge them by triggering a push notification that would appear in the Notification section.

In case two of your three friends don’t take a particular test, you will not be able to see the comparison (you v/s others), their Performance Graphs, and Leaderboards. This can be resolved by sending an Invite to them. Once they accept it, your screen will show You v/s Others, Performance Graphs, and Leaderboard of the friends who did not attempt the exam.

When it becomes this hard to escape a test, you can't go really far without being chased by a notification or an Invite. This ensures consistency and generates the spirit of healthy competition, thereby leading you and your friends to the path of excellence. 

3. Compare Stats & Gamification data with your friends:

Through this feature, you will be able to check the number of hours your friends spend watching videos, the number of MCQs attempted and, the overall test percentage. It enables you to compare your stats with your friends. To top it all, you can also see and compare the current streaks, recently earned stars, and earned trophies. This lets you celebrate the small and big accomplishments, thereby instilling confidence. Celebration of achievements serves as an effective source of motivation. And motivation is the fuel every candidate needs to keep moving ahead, without falling prey to distractions. 

If you think that this is the only good news we have to brighten up your day, we are more than delighted to prove you wrong. To keep the spirit of competition and preparation alive, PrepLadder is starting PrepLympics on 13th August. 

You and your friends can participate in it and win exciting prizes!

iPad, Littmann Stethoscope, Bluetooth headphones + tab- they have been picked from your wishlist (it's like Santa came early this year!)

And you don't have to share the prizes with your group study partners, you just have to share the good news with them and get started! 

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