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PRO Plan is now Live - Here’s How You Can Benefit

Jun 30, 2023

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What’s Included in PrepLadder's PRO Plan?

1. India’s Only Clinical QBank

2. Test Series

3. Treasures

4. Previous Year Questions

neet pg question bank pro plan

With NMC's focus on testing clinical skills of medical students and past year's NEET PG exams comprising substantial amount of clinical questions, the need to master clinical questions has become more important than ever!

But worry not! PrepLadder has the right solution to build your clinical skills: the PRO Plan, featuring India's only clinical QBank. It is the ultimate practice-packed combo that you need to secure your success in the Medical PG exams.

And the best part? It's now available!

Stay tuned to learn all about the incredible features of the PRO Plan and how it will prepare you for the Medical PG exams. Don't miss out on becoming exam ready.

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What’s Included in PrepLadder's PRO Plan?

Every question you answer correctly in the exam matters and the key to building clinical and analytical skills, is practicing as many MCQs as possible before the exam.

PrepLadder’s PRO Plan is designed to help you do just that and much more. It gives you an edge and helps you leapfrog the competition.

The PRO Plan is a tailored preparation plan aligned with the latest exam pattern. It features a vast clinical questions bank, meticulously curated by our subject matter experts and India’s top medical faculty after extensive research.

We have bundled the most valuable benefits in the PRO plan and these include - 

1. India’s Only Clinical QBank

PrepLadder's PRO Plan gives you access to QBank 5.0 which is India’s only clinical QBank featuring 20,000+ MCQs that cover all the key medical disciplines in an integrated manner. Each question in the QBank is developed by our subject matter experts and Dream Team after extensive research of the past year's questions. 

In addition to clinical case study questions and answers, you also benefit from its unique features that are designed to increase information retention and recall. These are - 

  • Detailed Explanations of both correct and incorrect options. This ensures that key information from notes is covered in the explanation, and an aspirant can easily get a quick overview of the entire topic while solving the MCQs. 
  • Active guidance to highlight the important keywords in the clinical scenario questions, improve recall and help you reach the correct answer.
  • Learning objective summarizes the key concept or principle covered in the question, reinforcing your learning outcomes.

2. Test Series

Simply practising clinical questions for medical students and MCQs is not enough for a well-rounded exam preparation. It’s important to practice in a timed manner so you can answer maximum questions accurately during the actual exam.

PRO Plan features authentic patterned Test Series which gives you access to mock tests. You can use these mock tests to evaluate your overall preparation and identify the strong and weak areas. After a detailed performance analysis of your mock test results, you can make necessary adjustments to your preparation.

Additionally, leveraging the Test Series will also help you develop time management skills for the exam and build confidence.

3. Treasures

Treasures provide you with a brief summary of important topics from the exam point of view. The information is presented in the form of flashcards or tables enabling you to do a quick revision of any topic. 

You can say goodbye to scanning through entire chapters while revision! Treasures offer concise summaries of essential topics in a manner that makes it easier for you to retain information for a longer period.

Moreover, it saves valuable time especially during the final phase of preparation as you effortlessly access crucial information about all subjects and chapters.

4. Previous Year Questions

PRO Plan also includes previous year questions from the past five years. These PYQs comprehensively cover the exam syllabus and will help you identify exam trends and important focus areas.

Practicing PYQs will enable you to reinforce key concepts, increase information retention and develop problem-solving acumen. 

Overall, PrepLadder's PRO Plan will equip you with all the necessary tools for well-rounded preparation and becoming exam ready. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experience these amazing features for yourself.

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