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Problems faced by Medical PG Aspirants

May 03, 2021

Problems faced by medical PG aspirants

The way you attempt your NEET-PG exam is a major factor that makes a difference in your percentile and finally enabling you to bag your dream seat. Since the exams for postgraduate medical seats have taken the online route for the past few years, it’s important for a student who has prepared well to be comfortable in the exam environment.

A computer-based exam throws certain challenges for test-takers. The challenges may be very subtle yet can have a huge difference in the final score. In this blog, we will discuss the major challenges faced by Medical PG aspirants.

1.Textbooks Preparation vs. Online Preparations

A majority of students opt to study from textbooks. Not more than 10% prepare online. Reading a book and reading on a computer are two completely different things. So, when the exam is computer-based, it would be wise to practice online as it would help you to be aware of the exam software and tackle the questions. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to concentrate during the exam for such long durations.

2. Reading Speed

The reading speed on a computer is the biggest challenge faced by students appearing for online NEET-PG Exams. Reading on a computer is way slower than reading the same text on paper. This difference can be much more marked if you are not accustomed to studying online. Many students face this problem which reduces the number of questions attempted.

3. Exam Software

Many students are not accustomed to the software used in the exam which causes their performance to drop and they’re not able to give their 100%.  This gives an edge to those who were familiar with the pattern and they will ultimately get their preferred clinical seat. You must invest enough time in good online test series so that you can familiarize yourself with the format of the examination software.

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4. Navigability

The chances of marking the incorrect option by mistake are next to nil but the time taken to mark an option and move on to the next question is considerable while taking the exam online. Marking the option and moving to the next takes around 2-5 seconds based on how comfortable you are with using the mouse.

With the use of various social media sites, people have become much more comfortable with navigation but if someone is not comfortable, they will lose a lot of valuable time in navigation.

5. Improper Time Management

After the examination, many candidates complain that they did not have enough time to answer the questions. So, for judicious time management, a definite approach/strategy is a must along with extensive practice which will enable you to manage time more efficiently and clear the PGMEE exam.

6. Vastness of Syllabus

A NEET-PG aspirant is well aware of the syllabus being too vast to be covered. Students are often seen struggling to cover the vast syllabus along with their medical job or internship. Here’s a 7 step guide to your last-minute PGMEE preparation.

7. Exam Pattern

Since the questions asked in the exam are randomized from a large set of questions it is difficult to predict the pattern of the paper in an online format. Unlike in the case of offline format, there is a predictable pattern of questions as well as topics that are associated with exams.

Hence a more comprehensive preparation, as well as exposure to a larger set of question banks for practice, is required.

8. Technical Challenges

Since the online exam portal is a technology-based system there is always a chance of technical failure. The major challenge faced by test takers is that when they move to the next questions sometimes the entire question (especially those with images) is not completely loaded. This can be very distressing as well many students may even attempt to do self-destructive manoeuvres like refreshing the page. Not to mention the other problems like inability to login into the test-taking software or premature submission of the test due to any technical reason all of which may cause unnecessary stress on such a crucial day. Remember to maintain your cool and be patient while attempting the exam.

Therefore, to overcome these problems and perform well in the exam, start preparing now. Remember revision and practice is much more important than the initial preparation itself. Also, make yourself familiar with the software so that you get no surprises in the examination centre.

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