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Should you do guesswork in NIMHAMS Entrance?

Mar 17, 2017

NIMHANS Entrance exam is just round the corner and this must be one of the toughest times for all the aspirants. Aspirants must be going through enormous exam-related anxiety. With the exam only a week away, aspirants must be putting in backbreaking efforts at this stage. However, no matter how well prepared you are, some questions are always present in the exam that will appear completely new and seem to be out of syllabus. This is the place where one gets completely stuck and has just two options – either to leave the question unanswered or utilize guesswork to answer such questions. Though one can go for either of the options, sometimes situations are such that one has no option other than using ‘Guesswork’ for answering the unknown questions. However, one needs to be cautious while answering questions through ‘Guesswork’ since answering questions incorrectly will award you ‘Negative Marks’ and will eat up your positive marks that you have earned through a lot of effort. Through this blog, we will answer the common query of whether to go for Guesswork in NIMHANS Entrance.

Should you go for guesswork in NIMHANS Entrance?

Now we will answer the query whether one should opt ‘Guesswork’ in NIMHANS Entrance:  ‘Go For Mindful Guesswork’ There can be scenarios where you do not know the answer to too many questions. In such scenarios, the only option available is to answer questions through ‘Intelligent Guesswork’. If you can eliminate 2 answer choices and only have 2 alternatives to choose from, then it is worthwhile to attempt such questions. If guesswork has to be done between 2 alternatives, you will have 50% chances of getting it correct as well as wrong. On the other hand, if you can eliminate only 1 choice, you will have 33% chances. Should you take 33% chance? It is a matter of debate and relies on your overall performance. If you feel that your performance in the exam is good enough, then you can opt for this. However, if you can zero down the alternatives to 2 options, it is worthwhile to attempt such questions. In case you get one of your guess rights, you will be straightaway awarded +1 mark which can easily compensate for your 1 incorrect guess since you will be left with + 0.75 marks which is a good enough deal. Therefore, your overall performance in the exam will determine whether you can go for guesswork.

Read the Questions and the Alternatives Cautiously

Candidates often commit the blunder of not reading the statement and the alternatives carefully. There are scenarios wherein the correct answer is hidden in the question itself. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to read the question statement cautiously.

Strive to Eliminate the ‘Most Irrelevant Options’

Sometimes the examiner frames alternatives that are totally irrelevant to the question statement. Strive to eliminate the most irrelevant options that will facilitate answering unknown questions with ease.

Eliminate the Options that Sound Similar

At times, the examiner frames options that are similar in meaning with a view to distract the examinees. Eliminate the options that are similar in meaning since such options have very little chances of being correct. We hope that this blog will provide you a fair idea about whether to opt for ‘Guesswork’ in the upcoming NIMHANS Entrance. Stay Tuned to PrepLadder for more updates!!
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