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Significance of AHA Certified BLS / ACLS Courses

Mar 14, 2017

A spurt of cardiac arrests in India is a cause of major concern. Doctors are nowadays seeing sudden cardiac arrest more often and alarmingly it is being seen increasingly in younger people too. Urban culture is taking a toll on youth with increase in lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes, coupled with increased stress level and high risk behavior like tobacco use; smoking and alcohol intake have increased the risks alarmingly. For Doctors, Paramedics, First responders it becomes imperative or a citizen to be aware about the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest and how to respond in such a situation. The right medical help at the right time can go a long way in saving a person’s life in such a situation. So the American Heart Association (AHA) certified BLS i.e. Basic Life Support courses have been introduced to the public so that they are able to tackle emergencies by providing medical aid at just the right time. Moreover, American Heart Association certified ACLS i.e. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support courses seek to save people from life-threatening conditions. While the ACLS may not be a course for people in general but BLS certainly is. Usually one is required to attend a class or workshop for the courses in question. Medical PrepLadder offers you the chance to book your seat in most of the major cities in India.
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