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Supreme Court recalls NEET in 2016. What does it mean for you?

Apr 11, 2016

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What is NEET?

What does it mean?

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What is NEET?

What does it mean?


  • This move will curb the corruption in Medical education and promote merit. Since the exam is central there will be no more “Paid Seats” in medical education system.
  • Even somebody looking to get a seat in management or NRI quota will have to score the minimum qualifying marks in NEET. This will surely raise the standard of medical services in India as a whole.
  • Candidates will get only one shot for admission. If they don’t perform on that one day they will have to wait a whole year for another chance.
  • This will increase pressure on candidates taking the exam.
  • NEET 2013 was given by 90,000 candidates, whereas AIPGMEE is given by 70,000 candidates. So the competition will increase if NEET comes back.

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