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Tech Advancements 2020: Individual Subject Apps

Jun 01, 2020

As promised to update you regarding the tech advancements on our apps, we are here with the latest updates that have been made to our partner apps. You can check back on this blog post for all the upcoming tech advancements which will come on the other individual subject apps.

Key Enhancements*

To provide more information at the tips of our students, the application has been updated to include the most used functionalities on the home screen. The latest version of the application contains key enhancements and features on the Home Screen, Prepare Screen, and the Test Screen. which are listed below:

Home Screen

Topmost Panel The topmost panel on the screen contains the following three options: Menu- Moved to the top left on the screen. Search- This button allows you to search for content on the app which can vary from videos to notes or even treasures. Bookmarks- This allows you to look for your bookmarked content on the App. Within the Bookmarks are the three tabs - QBanks, Tests, and Notes. Each bookmarked icon appears in the respective tab.
Featured Events: This card displays featured events like examinations, contests, etc. These cards will be visible only in the duration of the event. The purpose of this card is to make you aware of any such event being held by the doctor or launched at the application level.
Additional Quick Links:
  • Treasures
  • Notes
  • Saved Videos
  • Daily Updates
  • Past Year MCQs
Suggested Videos: To help you continue learning at your own pace, Suggested Videos have been added on the Home screen. This panel will provide suggestions on the videos that you can watch. It will be based on the topics that the user frequently checks. It is a scrollable panel.
Suggested Q-Banks: To help you continue learning at your own pace and test your knowledge, Suggested QBanks have been added on the Home screen. This panel will provide suggestions on the Q-Bank that you can attempt. It will be based on the topics that you frequently check. It is a scrollable panel.
Partner Apps: The links to the partner apps have been changed in design. At the bottom of the screen, is a small cell that allows you to navigate to a new page where all the links of the partner apps are available. Earlier all the partner apps were given on a scrollable panel at the bottom which has now been replaced.
Latest Blogs: This section will include any latest blogs for the App which will display content regarding any latest exam or related to the subject.
Prep Cash: A new cell has been added right to the Partner Apps, with the name of PrepCash. It is a feature provided by PrepLadder which you can use to make purchases on the app.
Share: At the bottom-most section of the screen is the functionality of Share. Clicking on this button, you can share the App with your other doctor friends.

Prepare Screen

Language option (on the top right corner) You can change the video language to either English or Hinglish according to your preference by clicking on this button
Index option (right next to the Language button) You can click on this button to open the index. The index is the list of topics provided by the concerned faculty subject.
New Options Read Full Notes View Treasures
Filters Filters have been added to simplify your content search. These include the following:
  • Videos
  • QBank
  • Completed
  • Not Completed
  • Paused
  • New
  • Updated
Icons for the videos and Q-Bank Updated for better readability
‘Resume Where You Left’ You can now resume from where you left. This will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, right above the footer.
Long press on Videos & Q-bank On pressing on the video and QBank for the long, following list of options are displayed: For Videos i. Download Video ii. Bookmark Video iii. Read Notes iv. Video Slides v.  Share with friends For Q-Bank i. Start QBank ii. Share with friends
Video Section View notes while watching the videos on the same screen. Safety Net feature has been provided for the video Download videos in different resolutions Options added to the video playing screen: Bookmark, Slides, Complete, Notes Transcripts: Transcripts for the videos are also provided in the second half of the screen. Up Next option: Next to the Transcripts tab is the Up Next which will provide you the option to navigate to the following video.

Test Screen

Independent Test Screen The application has been updated to include an independent Test screen. All the tests provided on the App are provided on this screen which provides the Analysis and Solution once the Test is completed. The tests are displayed in chronological order. At the top of the screen is a Search button that helps the users to search and navigate to their specific tests.
Footer The Footer has been updated to include the following: • Home • Prepare • Tests This footer appears on the three main screens mentioned above for easy navigation.
Menu The Menu screen has been updated on the app. The settings within the Menu have also been improved.
Imp: You can now login at max on 2 devices *(Please note that these enhancements have been made in the recently updated individual apps (Pharma, Patho, PSM, Medicine, ENT, Psychiatry, Surgery, Biochem). All other individual apps are lined up to be updated with the above-mentioned features by the following month. Also Read: The PrepLadder App- Tech Advancements 2020 Stay tuned for more updates! Keep Following PrepLadder
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