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The PrepLadder App- Tech Advancements 2020

Jul 17, 2020

Technological advancements are a stepping stone for the success of any company. We at PrepLadder constantly focus on building the best product for our users. For this, we keep on updating the app from time to time for a better user experience. We listen to our user’s valuable feedback and keep on improving our product for their complete satisfaction. For this, app updates are required quite frequently. So, we have planned to intimate you about this beforehand. From now on, we’ll be updating you with all the tech updates before those are implemented on the app. You can check back on this blog post for all the upcoming tech advancements which will come on the PrepLadder App. Latest Update (17 July 2020) The following amendments will be made to the PrepLadder app in our next update which is scheduled to be released in the next week:
Feature Feature Description
Addition of new modules in Stats
  • You will be able to see your "Overall Knowledge Graph" at one place based on the QBank performance for the whole subject.
  • Overall Test Percentage: This module in Statistics has the graph displaying the information for completed Mock Tests along with the subject strength based on the performance for all the completed Mock tests
Option for the image-based question and Recent Exam pattern in Custom Module There is another section added in the Custom Module which will have the #Hashtags of various MCQ types that gives you more power while creating the modules.
New/Updated tags on Videos Earlier, for all the Videos which are New and Updated, those tags used to stay for a fixed duration. But from now on, these tags will be dynamic and will stay till the time you don't start watching the video.
Earlier (26 May 2020) The following amendments will be made to the PrepLadder app in our next update which is scheduled to be released in the second week of June:
Options Features
All-New Improved Statistics All new stats feature will be added where you will get detailed information for the preparation compared to your previous week’s performance. You’ll also get a chance to compare yourself with the top 5% students. Following listings will be made: 1. No. of completed modules 2. Total Hours of Video Watched (Overall and Subject wise). 3. Total no. of MCQ’s (Q-Bank) attempted (Overall and Subject wise) 4. Overall test percentage according to your performance in all tests taken on the app. 5. Learning Timeline
PIP for video when notes open in full screen You will now be able to see the video along with the full-screen notes.
Add option of X MCQ added on QBank Tile New MCQs added to a Module will appear on the Q-Bank Cell. For all the Completed Modules, we will change the status to ‘Paused’ in case new MCQs are added to it. This is done so that you can attempt the newly added question.
MCQ of the Day on iOS iOS users will now be able to see the’ MCQ of the Day’ on Home screen which is currently available only to the Android users only.
Bug Fixes and performance improvement All the bugs will be fixed (which were present in the current update) for better app performance.
We recently found that our students were dissatisfied with our decision to stop switching between the NEET-PG and FMGE course. We have decided to roll-back this decision with certain guidelines:
  • Existing users will be able to switch between courses (FMGE & NEET-PG) till 30th April 2021.
Kindly note: After this set deadline, you’ll not be able to switch courses even if you extend/ upgrade your packs. It is very important to implement this and no further requests will be entertained in this regard.
  • New users (enrolling from 3rd June 2020 onwards) will only be able to watch videos and attempt tests of the course they enrolled in-for i.e they will not be able to switch courses.
We hope, you all will now be satisfied with our decision. Keep following our blog post for all the upcoming tech updates on the PrepLadder app. Someone has rightly said, “Technology will never replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational” Stay tuned for more updates! Best Wishes Team PrepLadder
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