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This patient posted online a picture of a Doctor sleeping on the job but didn't get the reaction he'd expected

Mar 3, 2016

A professional blogger while being an IPD patient in a hospital in Mexico took pictures of medical staff sleeping at 3 am.

He posted it online negatively but had no idea that the reaction to it will be so fierce.

However it just wasn't what he expected. Medical community from around the world came in support of their colleagues and started posting pictures of themselves sleeping on the job.

The hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi (Spanish for 'I fell asleep too') started trending.

The blogger took this photo at 3:00 am: He wrote negatively, 'Plenty of patients were waiting for help'. This Mexican doctor put up his own photo with the hashtag 'I fell asleep too'! Soon, other doctors posted their photos as well in defense of their colleague. Medical workers all over the world had something to say about this. Many of them work 36-hour shifts and up to 80 hours a week! One response was, 'We're people, not machines!' They firmly defended their cause with these touching photos. These photos are taken during the most exhausting moments of their lives. Please remember that these people work hard to care for their patients. It's important that we respect their downtime and not ridicule them for it. Rest easy, medical field. We appreciate you!

Perhaps he now has a new found respect for medical community after realizing that nobody supported him while shaming a medical professional for falling asleep on the job.

We medicos work hard around the clock sometimes with shifts extending up to 36 hrs. Was it rude for this guy to assume that the staff was lazy?

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