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We have taken Psychometric Analysis a step forward.

Jun 28, 2017

PrepLadder, the only real technology enabled platform in Medical PG education has been providing same software as real NEET PG. Through our ever evolving platform we strive to provide you the best or nothing, our tech team has now taken psychometric analysis a step forward.

After every full length PrepLadder exam, you will now get:

1. A real normalized score: This score is different than the raw marks obtained. It is only available after the exam has been taken by 2,000+ students. PrepLadder is now the only platform with real NBE technology, showing real normalized score. 2. Your rank in NEET PG if this was the real exam: You get an expected rank in real NEET PG if this was the real exam, along with information on weather you would’ve cleared the cutoff or not. 3. Seats you could get at that rank: Our software will also tell you what seats would’ve been available to you in 1st and 2nd counseling at your rank.

Know what to revise:

Our software will also list your subjects from strongest to weakest after each test. So that you know what to revise and you do not waste time. Other information: Percentage of marks in subject, Percentage of questions from that subject in exam, percentage of time time taken by you in that subject. This way you know your weak subjects and subjects that you’re wasting time in.

Silly mistakes:

Silly mistakes can cost you your seat. PrepLadder is the only platform that tells you the silly mistakes you made during the exam. How do we calculate silly mistakes? 1. If you mark the correct option for a question and due to confusion change it to the incorrect one, it’s considered a silly mistake by PrepLadder software. 2. If you take very less time in a question and mark a wrong option without reading all the options carefully. It’s considered a silly mistake by PrepLadder software.

Improvement plan:

The whole idea of taking a mock exam is to improve your score in the real one. PrepLadder is the only platform that records the topics you made mistake in. You get the list of your weak topics at the end of exam, so you can improve with each exam you take.

Ask unlimited doubts and bookmark questions for revision:

PrepLadder is the only platform that gives you real time connect with the faculty. Any doubt is answered strictly within 24 working hours. You also have an option to bookmark questions for revision later. With all these advancements and 30,000+ expected competitors, PrepLadder is one stop solution for self assessment and genuine score improvement for NEET PG aspirants. Prepare anywhere but practice with PrepLadder. Best Wishes for NEET PG. The PrepLadder team.
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