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JIPMER Pharmacology Recall- December 2019

Dec 11, 2019


JIPMER MD/MS entrance exam was recently held on 8th December in the various exam centers. Candidates are always curious to know which questions were asked in the exam.

To reduce their stress and for other exam preparations our Pharmacology expert, Dr. Gobind Rai Garg has compiled a list of recall questions asked in the exam.


JIPMER Pharmacology Recall – December 2019

1. Protein synthesis inhibitor used in CML is 

a) Panobinostat

b) Bortezomib

c) Carfilzomib

d) Omacetaxine


2. The following adverse effect is associated with bedaquiline therapy:

a) QT prolongation

b) Hearing loss

c) Renal failure

d) Thrombocytopenia


3. Which of the following drug is not metabolized by plasma esterases?

a) Esmolol

b) Clevidipine

c) Mepivacaine

d) Remifentanil


4. Following is a beta 2 agonist used by athletes to increase performance due to its anabolic action?

a) Clenbuterol

b) Albuterol

c) Colterol

d) Prenalterol


5. Which of the following drug is used in malignant ascites?

a) Ramucirumab

b) Catumaxomab

c) Trastuzumab

d) Cetuximab


6. Which of the following antimicrobial contains additional MAO inhibitory property

a) Polymyxin B

b) Linezolide

c) Colistin

d) Quinpristin


7. Which of the following statement is FALSE about dronabinol

a) It is a synthetic cannabinoid

b) It acts as antagonist at cannabinoid 2 receptors

c) It acts as appetite stimulant in AIDS patients

d) It is used for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy


8. Longest acting bisphosphonate is

a) Alendronate

b) Risedronate

c) Zolendronate

d) Pamidronate


9. Mechanism of action of bisphosphonates is

a) Inhibit osteoclast apoptosis

b) Inhibit farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase

c) Decrease osteoprotegrin

d) Stimulate osteoblast


10. Shortest acting opioid is

a) Fentanyl

b) Alfentanil

c) Remifentanil

d) Sufentanil


11. Anaerobic bacteria are intrinsically resistant to the following antimicrobial drug?

a) Ampicillin

b) Meropenem

c) Aminoglycosides

d) Metronidazole


12. The dose of the following drug should be decreased in patients with Criggler najar syndrome?

a) Irinotecan

b) Topotecan

c) Cefotizoxime

d) Thiazides


13. Among the following antimicrobial drugs, which is not a peptide?

a) Vancomycin

b) Telavancin

c) Cycloserine

d) Daptomycin


14. A patient presented with bradycardia and hypotension after overdose of The drug of choice for this patient is

a) Atropine

b) Glucagon

c) Adrenaline

d) Nor-adrenaline


15. Hemodialysis is not useful in poisoning due to

a) Lithium

b) Digoxin

c) Carbamazepine

d) Aminophylline


16. Dose of which of the following drug should be reduced when used concomitantly with febuxostat

a) 6-Thioguanine

b) Azathioprine

c) 5-Fluorouracil

d) Methotrexate


17. Therapeutic plasma level of phenytoin are

a) 5-10 mcg/ml

b) 10-20 mcg/ml

c) 20-50 mcg/ml

d) 50-100 mcg/ml


18. Which of the following drug follows time dependent killing?

a) Beta lactams

b) Aminoglycosides

c) Fluoroquinolones

d) Metronidazole


19. Correct options regarding the adequate daily dose of antidepressants is:

a) Fluoxetine 2.5-10 mg

b) Fluoxetine 10-20 mg

c) Amitriptyline 10-50 mg

d) Amitriptyline 75-150 mg


20. A patient on haloperidol starts developing dystonia and What is the next best drug for this person?

a) Chlorpromazine

b) Lurasidone

c) Fluphenazine

d) Lithium


We hope the questions will give you a fair idea of what might be asked in the upcoming examinations.

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