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2 Days to NEET PG: Conquer Your Exam-Fear  

Jan 3, 2020

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There goes the clock ticking with just two days left for the big day; the arrival of the NEET PG 2020 examination. Since it’s very common for the students to get bogged down during these times, one needs to remember that your psychological state dictates the majority of your output in the exams. As we are just two days away from one of the most crucial days of our career, NEET PG exam, here are a few stress busters which will help to keep you calm and composed to execute properly and efficiently everything that you’ve studied for your NEET PG. These pointers will help you to survive the last three days before the exam without losing your mind:

Get Enough Sleep:  

  • You deserve a proper and peaceful sleep. The human brain does not work well when we’re tired, and repeated revisions when your mind is tired will only wear you down further. So, make sure to get proper sleep if you want to be able to retain all that you’ve studied.
  • Put on some calming music that would help you to sleep: in case you’re having difficulty sleeping.

Take breaks at regular intervals: 

  • Don’t trudge through your revision! Make sure to take a break every hour for 10 minutes, have a snack or do something that’ll keep you motivated.
  • During your break time, be aware not to do something that will distract you from your goal. Be disciplined!
  • Also, power napping has proven to increase productivity, why not give it a try! This will help you to relax.

Take proper meals: 

  • The human body does not perform well when we’re hungry, so no matter how nervous you are, make sure to eat balanced meals.
  • Anything with Omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, halibut, sardines, albacore, trout, herring, walnut, flaxseed oil, and canola oil, shrimp, clams, light chunk tuna, catfish, cod, and spinach) is a good choice of food to get your brain juices flowing.
  • Avoid sugary foods like chocolate, this will give you a sudden burst of energy but cause you to crash during the exam!
  • If your exam is in the afternoon, make sure you eat a decent balanced lunch before that. Hunger does not mix well with exams, there’s nothing worse than a grumbling stomach in the middle of a silent exam hall!

Bring out the creative side in you

  • In the last three days, get your creative streaks going. Instead of trying to memorize boring notes, try making flashcards or mind maps or make a mnemonic, even better! You could even write a song. Get singing!
  • This will help you to retain all that you have studied plus will help to clam you down three days before your NEET PG 2020 Exam.

Do not over revise

  • Make sure you maintain a good balance between work and play. Do not get too hard on yourself.
  • Be the best you can, that’s all you can do. If it doesn’t work out, remember that it’s not the end of the world.

Do not compare your revision

  • Comparing your preparation will not only increase your stress levels but will also contribute to making you feel insignificant.
  • Make sure to reject such negative thoughts and remember that we’re all different individuals and that what makes us special and unique in our own ways.

Do not put yourself under too much pressure

  • Do not freak out and stay up all night for the last three days before the exam by stressing yourself out with last-minute revising.
  • If you have left it to the last minute, don’t start panicking now. Have a look over the key points, eat a good meal and go to bed early. Do not exert your mind by putting too much exam pressure on it.
So, there you have it. 7 ways to get through the last two days before your NEET PG 2020 exam without losing your mind. If you feel like you’re under pressure and struggling to deal with stress, read our related articles.  Tips to overcome anxiety before NEET PG Exam Top 5 NEET PG Preparation Tips That Will Guarantee A Good Rank Good luck, you got this!
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