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Average student's guide to getting a Clinical PG seat in Govt college

Jan 05, 2016

Read this article if you relate to these first few lines..

You got into MBBS with great difficulty and thought you would study hard and excel in medicine but during MBBS you somehow got carried away. You haven't been a topper during grad school and honestly speaking, you haven't been doing the kind of hard work that is needed, you study two months before exam or sometimes may be just one month and get enough marks to just pass. But you do realize that you want to get through PG entrance and you know your current level of preparation will get you nowhere.. Sounds familiar? Then this article is for you.. Read on.


Medical students with average aptitude doubt their ability to crack the PG entrance exam. Candidates build this perception usually based on their performance in Undergraduate course, but this is not true. These average candidates can get past any examination that they want to. This can be achieved by Right attitude, smart work and right amount of hard work. PrepLadder will assist you in making your dream come true by winning your ticket to a Clinical PG course in a government College. Listed below are several actionable tips to be kept in mind for the entrance test. Let’s cast light on the tips individually.

Finding passion

Lack of Passion is something that gives birth to a perception of failing in the examination. So, find passion to prepare for the examination whole heartedly. Become a monk if you have to for preparation. Work hard, if you're an average student, you need at least 2,000 hours of dedicated study time to cover all 19 subjects. These 2,000 hours can be covered in 8-12 months to be prepared for the examination. You will have bouts of total hopelessness, overcoming them and being persistent is the only way through it. Also make a study plan focusing on co-relating subjects, here's a study plan made by PrepLadder that you can follow: Most effective study plan for PG entrance exams
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Joining a coaching centre is a good idea!

It is better to join a coaching centre for productive study. In most of the cases, candidates cannot prepare for the exam on their own. Especially, the average students face difficulty in preparing on their own, as they are confused with what is important and what is not. Coaching will prepare you with all the important topics from examination point of view, time management and also teach you the technique for attempting the paper.

Solve previous year’s papers

It is very important for all candidates appearing for the exam to go through the previous paper to be aware about the pattern of the examination and type of questions repeatedly asked over the years’. This will give you a better vision about what to prepare for the exam. PrepLadder tests consist of frequently asked questions, new questions, clinical questions and image based questions.

Online tests

Aspirants preparing for the PG entrance exam must practice by taking online medical tests regularly. This will help them to know about their weak areas and work on them. Candidates will also gain confidence and build pace by practicing online. Sometimes, candidates are not able to apply their pen and paper knowledge in an online examination. Hence, practice under similar simulated pattern is essential. PrepLadder also provides FREE Mock Tests for NEET and AIIMS PG, this is how PrepLadder can help you in your PG preparation.

Selective study

Candidates must focus on the important topics and quit wasting time on unnecessary topics. You must avoid diving deep into one topic and instead study more topics from the surface. Candidates can filter the important topics for the examination point of view from the previous year papers and the mock tests available for the same examination. This selective study will save time and reduce the work load. Also read How to study all 19 subjects for NEET PG.

Make intelligent guesses

Since there is no negative marking in NEET PG, you're going to make guesses for questions you don't know answers to. What if you knew a way to increase your chances of getting a correct answer out of your guesses. Read How to intelligently guess an unknown answer in NEET PG.


Nothing is impossible. With proper plan and hard work any medical student can win a clinical PG seat in a Government College. Best Wishes!
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