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NEET PG 2023 Preparation - A Complete Guideline for NEET Medical Entrance Exam

May 11, 2020

NEET Medical Entrance Exam

To pursue post-graduation after an MBBS requires hard-work and needs sheer determination coupled with commitment towards one's goal to build a successful career. To succeed in the medical profession one needs to have a good post-graduation specialization degree( MD or MS). There are around 40 medical specializations that a candidate can choose from. But, this solely depends on their rank in the NEET-PG examination. So, a NEET PG 2023 aspirant must get a high rank to get the specialty of their choice. This blog is your ultimate guide for NEET-PG medical entrance exam preparation.

Some Tips and Tricks to help you Ace the NEET-PG 2023 exam

Preparing for the medical PG entrance exam is tough but it is not impossible. We at PrepLadder are here to assist you in reaching your goal of cracking the NEET-PG examination. Given below is a list of guidelines that will help you to prepare well for your NEET-PG exam.

An Open Secret for Success- Start Early

A NEET-PG aspirant should start preparing as soon as possible. Make sure to study well during your MBBS profs as it covers half of your preparation for NEET-PG. So, take it seriously! Also, you should start preparing for your NEET-PG while you are in your third year of MBBS.

Prepare the Right Strategy to Complete the Whole Syllabus:

Your success in the NEET-PG exam is completely dependent on the amount of syllabus you cover. It would be best to cover all the lengthy and high yielding topics first and then the small topics. Also, having the right strategy for exam preparation will help you to complete your syllabus in a more organized manner. NEET-PG aspirant must start their PG exam preparation in their MBBS sixth semester.
NEET PG Elite Plan

Tackle negative marking

To be able to answer more questions increases your chances to clear the NEET-PG exam. To be able to do this by keeping negative marking in mind requires thorough preparation and practice. The practice is the key to attempting more questions correctly within a given time frame. Attempting more and more mock exams will enable you to tackle negative marking by helping you build your speed and accuracy. Also Read: 5 Tips to overcome anxiety before NEET PG Exam

First, answer the easy questions and then identify the tough ones

The NEET-PG exam comprises of questions that have a different level of difficulty. Quickly identify the difficult questions and keep them last. First, attempt all the easy questions that you know and have the surety of getting them correct. Just identify there easy and tough questions but do not waste time in assessing them. If you’re in confusion, leave, and move on to the next.

Take one step at a time- Don’t be in a rush

Do not be in a rush to complete the entire syllabus in one night. Take one topic a day, master it, and then move on to the next one. Once you’ve completed your syllabus in the first reading by following this method, the outcome will be that your basics will be strengthened and you would have developed a strong conceptual understanding of the subjects. After your first reading, make sure to revise for a minimum of four months before the NEET-PG exam.

Mock Tests are of utmost importance

NEET-PG Mock tests are your final and most important resort for NEET-PG entrance exam preparation. Even an average student can crack the medical entrance exam if they follow a structured study schedule. As the exam comprises negative markings, thus more than having good reading skills an aspirant needs to have the skill of good comprehension. Practicing mock tests before the exam will help you refine your comprehensive skill.

Say, “no” to overexertion 

Do not overexert yourself! Only a healthy mind can retain and grasp everything you study. But, if you do not get enough sleep and are tired most of the time, it’ll only make it difficult for you to study. So, make sure to get enough sleep and avoid very long hours of study. Take short breaks to relax and refresh your mind. Also Read : Top 5 NEET PG Preparation Tips That Will Guarantee A Good Rank

Stay motivated

Last but not the least, always remain motivated by fixing your eyes on the goal which is to crack the NEET-PG exam. If you feel discourages during your exam preparation, make sure to remind yourself of the goal and the reason why you started preparing in the first place. Fix your eyes on the prize and don’t let anything distract you. Happy Studying with PrepLadder! Also read our blogs on high-yield topics (subject-wise) for NEET PG 2023 Preparation:
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