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How to avoid Post NEET PG Exam Blues?

Jan 07, 2020

With the NEET PG 2020 exams finally over, one must now be in confusion about what to do next? Now that the exam that you had been stressing over for a long time is out of the picture, you must be wondering about your next step. Well, even though some might want to focus on another goal or take up another endeavor; the best thing to do would be to let your mind and body relax by giving it some time to recover from all the stress it has faced since the time you started your NEET PG exam preparation. Stress has a lot of adverse effects on your body by the release of certain chemicals that can lower your immune responses, thus making you more susceptible to diseases. So, here are a few recovery tips that will help you to relax after the exam.

Pamper yourself

You’ve been too hard on yourself throughout the exam preparation, so make time to pamper yourself. You deserve it! Your overall well being comes on top of your priority list. Maybe you can take yourself out on a date by booking a massage or a spa treatment; Indulge your senses to better manage your stress and recover from it.

Adopt a proper sleeping habit: 

  • The strenuous exam preparation must have resulted in a messed up sleep cycle. One of the major adverse effects of exam-related stress is lack of sleep. Now that the exam is over, make sure to get enough sleep to have a proper sleep cycle and maintain it. You should also aim to go to bed at roughly the same time each day so that your mind and body get used to a predictable bedtime routine.
  • Try taking a warm bath or reading a calming, undemanding book for a few minutes to relax your body, tire your eyes and help you forget about the things that worry you.

Indulge in exercise: 

  • Being in stress for a long time increases the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol in your body. These are the “fight or flight” hormones that are designed to protect the body from harm. So, physical exercise can help to metabolize the excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calmer and more relaxed state.

Eat right:

  • A messed up sleep cycle due to stress can cause one to eat unhealthy food at odd times. When we’re stressed, we often forget to eat well and resort to using sugary, fatty snack foods as ready to eat meals.
  • Try to avoid sugary snacks and plan. Now that the NEET exam stress is over, it’s time to make a consistent habit of eating right and at the right intervals.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

  • The exam preparation must have caused you to alienate yourself. Now, that you’re done with it, it’s time to come out of your den and start socializing with your family and friends.
  • Being part of a friend network gives one a sense of belonging and self-worth, which can help one get through stressful times.
  • Go on a short road trip with a few friends or family members. Go on a getaway, and focus on doing something you love, and let your brain unwind.
These recovery tips will help your body to come back to its normal state of being stress-free. Do not let the stress of the NEET PG result take a toll on you; rather use this time productively to take care of yourself which will keep your mind and body at peace. When you get that right, you’ll feel better and won’t live in regret. Also read our blogs on high-yield topics (subject-wise) for NEET PG 2024 Preparation:
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