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If you've done MBBS, this is something you'll have to do. The sooner, the better.

Jan 07, 2016

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If you're only an MBBS graduate you probably already know that you have to crack PGMEE by hook or by crook. But let us still talk about why you need to do this. If you practice with only MBBS degree in a private hospital your career growth will be only around 5-10% a year and you'll never move up the hierarchy. As sad as it is but it's the truth. MBBS alone doesn't give you any exclusive value these days. But with a PG degree you jump many levels up the hierarchy to start with and possibilities are endless from there. So any MBBS grad who does not want to settle for a mediocre life and career will compete for a clinical PG seat, including you.

What should you do then?

Short answer: Prepare for the PGMEE and crack the exam to get a clinical PG seat. We know that sounds obvious but if you can't afford to(or don't want to) buy a seat in private college then this entrance exam is your only option. Long Answer: We know that the PGMEE is not an easy task and cracking this exam is going to take a lot out of you, probably everything that you have. You might be a mediocre student in MBBS but when you're competing for a PG seat you're at a level playing field. Follow these steps and your class mates will be surprised(shocked really) to see your success.
  • Be dedicated towards your preparation: You will have to study for hours together for months to be ready for the final showdown. According to our estimates, 2,000 hours to be precise(for an average student).
  • Know the correct approach to study effectively.
  • Make a study plan: Failing to plan is planning to fail. Recognize your weak areas and plan your preparation accordingly.  for an effective study plan created by PrepLadder experts.
  • Research for the syllabus and the important topics covered in the exam paper. Click here for list of important topics in all 19 subjects.
  • Join a coaching centre that will polish your skills for the exam.
  • Practice and Revise, this might be more important than the initial preparation itself. Practice on online test series, since most PG entrance exams are now online. Practicing online test series will generate a simulated exam like environment and alleviate test related anxiety.
ALSO READ: Average student's guide to getting a Clinical PG seat in Govt college So why waste an year or two, when you know you have to do all this eventually. The sooner you do it, the better it will be. Get yourself together and set up your mind for a clinical PG degree and religiously prepare for the entrance exam. And when you decide that you're going to prepare for PGMEE with all your dedication, PrepLadder will be your trusted partner. We will always help you, no matter where you're stuck with your preparation.

Unique features of PrepLadder's PGMEE Guarantee Pack 2017:

1. Questions prepared by experts on latest exam pattern (many questions repeated from PrepLadder test series last year). Every test is composed of frequently asked questions, new questions, clinical questions and image based questions. 2. Personal mentorship from recent AIIMS and PGI toppers (you can ask them anything like study schedule, best books, exam strategy, doubts). 3. Exactly same software as real NEET PG and AIIMS PG. 4. Artificial intelligence that recognizes your weak areas and gives you a topic wise improvement plan after each exam. 5. 30,000+ expected competitors for genuine competitive analysis. 6. Real time connect with the faculty (all doubts answered by subject experts from PGI and Lady Hardinge within 24 working hours). 7. Series starts with Gateway Exam (a 500 question exam from 500 most important topics. It will analyze your preparation at the beginning and give you an hourly study plan for the entire year). You can always count on us to get free tips, tricks, motivation, guidance and news. Our experts will be at your disposal to resolve your queries and guide you. All this for free Still have a question? Mail us at medical@prepladder.com Best wishes!
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