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Importance of NEET-PG Mock Tests

Jun 11, 2021

Importance of NEET-PG Mock Tests

NEET-PG exam is considered the most difficult and crucial exam for medical students. This medical entrance exam is a gateway to get admission into the top medical colleges in India. That's why an aspirant must clear the medical entrance exam. This blog has been created specifically for medical aspirants to help them with their NEET-PG preparation so that they may not face any kind of trouble in appearing for the exam. Here, we will talk about the importance of attempting NEET-PG mock tests before the final exam.

Why Mock Tests?

Mock Tests are the most important method of assessing your preparation level and re-crafting the preparation strategy of the areas you are lagging. They help in familiarizing the exam pattern, exam-taking and time management strategy for the actual exam day.
Here are some pointers to inform you about the importance of Mock Tests:

1. Practice a variety of questions

Mock tests aim to help you practice a wide range of questions and revise high yield content in a short duration. With mock tests, you get to do so in a short span which means you get more time to practice and revise questions from all the topics before the actual exam.

2. Analyse your exam strategy

Mock tests are one of the most effective methods by which candidates can evaluate their preparation level and performance. For improved results, it is suggested by  NEET-PG toppers as well as experts that all candidates must give mock tests. In the last month before your exam, analyze your mocks, study and prepare for the same as per the deficiencies revealed in the test.

3. Time Management

Time management in NEET-PG  is considered to be the most important aspect by NEET-PG toppers as the questions have to be answered within time limits. In the NEET-PG exam, due to time limit pressure as well as negative marking scheme, it becomes difficult to answer questions with 100 percent accuracy. Thus, Mock Tests help you to make use of time more effectively and enable you to prioritize the questions to be attempted first. 

4. Get the exam day feel

Mock tests are a trial run before the actual exam. They are designed in a way to give you the real feel of the exam day. Being placed in the same situation and feeling the same amount of pressure before the actual exam will inculcate some self-analytical capacity and confidence in the student. Thus, Mock Tests help in reducing pre-exam nervousness, as the aspirant has already appeared for a version of the exam before, on the final day he will be more relaxed.

5. Clear your doubts  

You can mark your doubts while attempting mock tests and get them cleared by the teachers. This ensures by the time students appear for the main exam, they do not have any doubts.

Type of Mock Tests 

PrepLadder offers a wide range of Mock Tests known as PrepTests which is the number one practice tool that promotes effective preparation for medical entrance exams. These are mock tests that prepare you for the exam day and help you improve your speed and accuracy. PrepTest includes questions that are clinical and predictive of the real exams. 

Mock Tests can be of different types and levels based on your need and preparation level. Given below are different kinds of mock tests that you can take to practice well before your exam. 

Mini PrepTests: 

These tests are based on individual subjects and act as a great tool to check the preparation level of each section. These come with themes like pathology slides where all questions will test students on images-based questions from pathology.

Integrated PrepTests: 

These tests are designed to help you prepare and revise two or more subjects at one time. Here, a student is tested on two or three subjects simultaneously with the help of Integrated questions.

FMGE/ PG PrepTests: 

Based on the type of exam you’re opting for, exam wise Mock Tests are used by aspirants to make them aware of the exam pattern and prepare for the important and difficult topics to have a better understanding.

Continuous effort is the key to success, as the proverb says- “Try and try again and you will succeed”.  We hope this blog will help you in your NEET-PG exam preparation.

Opt for the most competitive mock exams by PrepLadder that include a wide range of questions that are more clinical, integrated and image-based than ever that will help you gain the actual exam experience.

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