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Introducing Last Resort Revision (LRR)- Your Fighting Chance for INI-CET Nov '23 

Oct 03, 2023

Last Resort Revision

Are you gearing up for the INI-CET Nov '23 exam? Feeling the pressure of an extensive syllabus and running short on time? PrepLadder has the perfect solution to give your preparation the ultimate boost – Last Resort Revision (LRR). 

Having received numerous topper testimonies, we’ve come to the conclusion that revision plays a decisive role in your overall exam score and rank. Revision done right can significantly increase your score and help you achieve the rank you desire.Therefore, we’ve come up with “Last Resort Revision” for all INI-CET aspirants who’ll be attempting the upcoming Nov ‘23 exam.

What is LRR about and how it will help your preparation? Read this blog further to discover. 

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What is Last Resort Revision (LRR)?

LRR is not your average revision course; it's a meticulously designed 14-day program that leverages the expertise of 19 subject specialists to help you revise the entire syllabus in the most exam-oriented manner possible. 

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the vast INI-CET syllabus or struggled to find a structured approach to your revision, LRR is your lifeline.

The best part? This  high-speed revision event will be streamed for free in the form of LIVE classes on PrepLadder’s YouTube Channel.

Session highlights - 

  • Exam-focused topics frequently asked in the INI-CET.
  • Key point emphasis for deep understanding.
  • Visual aids, images, and mnemonics for engaging learning.
  • MCQs after each session for practice.
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for clearing doubts.

When Does Last Resort Revision Begin?

LRR for INI-CET Nov '23 kicks off on 5th October. Get ready for an intense 2+ hours focused revision dedicated for each subject. A detailed schedule for LRR is mentioned below - 

LRR Morning Session Schedule

Morning Sessions
Date Subject Educator Time Download Lecture's PDF
6th October Dermatology Dr. Khushbu 12:00 PM

9th October Anesthesia Dr. Sameer 12:00 PM

10th October PSM Dr. Neha Taneja 12:00 PM

11th October Psychiatry Dr. Ankit 12:00 PM

12th October OBG Part -1 Dr. Vij 12:00 PM

13th October OBG Part- 2 Dr. Vij 12:00 PM

15th October Pathology Part-1 Dr. Preeti Sharma 12:00 PM

17th October Pathology Part-2 Dr. Preeti Sharma 12:00 PM

18th October Radiology Dr. Nikita Nanwani 12:00 PM

19th October Microbiology Part-1 Dr. Preeti Sharma 12:00 PM

20th October Microbiology Part-2 Dr. Preeti Sharma 12:00 PM

21st October Biochemistry Dr. Shanmugapriya 12:00 PM

LRR Evening Session Schedule
Evening Sessions
DateSubjectEducatorTimeDownload Lecture's PDF
5th OctoberOphthalmologyDr. Ruchi Rai5:00 PM

6th OctoberAnatomy Part-1Dr. Rajesh Kaushal5:00 PM

7th OctoberAnatomy Part-2Dr. Rajesh Kaushal5:00 PM

9th OctoberPharmacology Part-1Dr. Bharath5:00 PM

10th OctoberPharmacology Part-2Dr. Bharath5:00 PM

11th OctoberOrthopedicsDr. Jambhukeswaran5:00 PM

12th OctoberENT Part-1Dr. Vyshnavi5:00 PM

13th OctoberENT Part-2Dr. Vyshnavi5:00 PM

16th OctoberPhysiologyDr. Soumen Manna5:00 PM

17th OctoberPediatricsDr. Meenakshi5:00 PM

18th OctoberSurgery Part-1Dr. Pritesh Singh5:00 PM

19th OctoberSurgery Part-2Dr. Pritesh Singh5:00 PM

20th OctoberMedicine Part-1Dr. Deepak Marwah5:00 PM

21st OctoberMedicine Part-2Dr. Deepak Marwah5:00 PM

22nd OctoberFMTDr. Akhilesh5:00 PM

We will be uploading the Last Resort Revision Sessions as soon as they are live here -

Ophthalmology LRR by Dr. Ruchi Rai

Ophthalmology Last Resort Revision is now available! Enhance your INI-CET preparation with expert insights by Dr. Ruchi Rai as she helps you grasp key concepts and topics.

PSM LRR by Dr. Neha Taneja

Consolidate your knowledge of PSM before the INI-CET exam by watching our recent LRR session by Dr. Neha Taneja. The session covers all the essential topics frequently asked in the INI-CET and key point emphasis will deepen your knowledge of the topics. 

Dermatology LRR by Dr. Khushbu Mahajan

Dermatology Last Resort Revision is live! Watch to boost your INI-CET knowledge with expert insights and interactive content.

Anatomy LRR Part 1 by Dr. Rajesh Kaushal

Revise Anatomy for the upcoming INI-CET exam through our Last Resort Revision session. Dr. Rajesh Kaushal has thoroughly covered all the essential topics and concepts.

Anatomy LRR Part 2 by Dr. Rajesh Kaushal

Anaesthesia LRR by Dr. Sameer Zahid

Enhance your INI-CET prep by watching the Anaesthesia Last Resort Revision session by Dr. Sameer Zahid. 

Pharmacology LRR Part 1 by Dr. Bharath Kumar VD

Check off pharmacology from your revision list by watching our recent LRR Pharmacology session by Dr. Bharath Kumar VD. Expect to cover all high-yield topics crucial for the INI-CET and solidify your knowledge.

Pharmacology LRR Part 2 by Dr. Bharath Kumar VD

Psychiatry LRR by Dr. Ankit Goel

Don't miss the Psychiatry Last Resort Revision session for INI-CET. Watch to reinforce your knowledge with expert guidance by Dr. Ankit Goel.

Orthopaedics LRR by Dr. Jambukeswaran

Join our Orthopedics Last Resort Revision to revise the key concepts and clear all your doubts before the exam. The recent session conducted by our expert faculty Dr. Jambukeswaran will help you recall and reinforce topics frequently asked in the INI-CET. 

Gynaecology and Obstetrics by Dr . Prassan Vij :

Join our Last Resort Revision session focused on Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Dr. Prassan Vij will guide you through the essential topics important for the upcoming INI-CET exam.

OBG Part 2 LRR by Dr. Prassan Vij

ENT Part 1 LRR by Dr. Vyshnavi

Get ready to reinforce and solidify your ENT knowledge through our Last Resort Revision session. Dr. Vyshnavi Bommakanti has expertly broken down key ENT topics essential for the INI-CET.

ENT Part 2 LRR by Dr. Vyshnavi

Pathology Part 1 LRR by Dr. Preeti Sharma

Join our Pathology Last Resort Revision to revise the subject and especially the high-yield topics thoroughly before the INI-CET exam.

Pathology Part 2 LRR by Dr. Preeti Sharma

Radiology LRR by Dr Nikita Nanwani

Last Resort Revision is available! Watch now to revise the subject for the upcoming INI-CET exam. Dr. Nikita Nanwani has covered all the key topics in a manner that will aid retention and enrich your knowledge of various clinical scenarios.

Microbiology Part 1 LRR by Dr. Preeti Sharma

Last Resort Revision session for Microbiology is now available. Our expert faculty - Dr. Preeti Sharma has discussed in detail all the essential topics frequently asked in the INI-CET. Expect a thorough breakdown of key concepts and reinforce your knowledge.

Microbiology Part 2 LRR by Dr. Preeti Sharma

Biochemistry LRR by Dr. Shanmugapriya

 Dr. C Shanmugapriya, in her latest Last Resort Revision session has focused on key concepts that are crucial for the INI-CET exam. Make sure to watch the video and revise all the high-yield topics effortlessly before the exam.

Physiology LRR by Dr. Soumen Manna

In our most recent LRR session, Dr. Soumen Manna has broken down and simplified the subject’s key topics into digestible portions for quick revision, emphasizing on the points you need to remember for the INI-CET exam.

Pediatrics LRR by Dr. Meenakshi Bothra

Watch our Pediatrics Last Resort Revision session and strengthen your INI-CET knowledge with expert guidance from Dr. Meenakshi Bothra. Expect to revise all the essential topics in an easy to remember manner.

Surgery Part 1 LRR by Dr. Pritesh Singh

Surgery Last Resort Revision is available to supercharge your INI-CET preparation. Dive into the high-yield session by Dr. Pritesh Singh and solidify your knowledge before the exam.

Surgery Part 2 LRR by Dr. Pritesh Singh

Medicine LRR Part 1 by Dr. Deepak Marwah

Join our Medicine Last Resort Revision to tackle the vast subject of Medicine. Dr. Deepak Marwah will guide you through high-yield topics frequently asked in the INI-CET. Clinical correlations, and key point emphasis will enhance your understanding.

Medicine LRR Part 2 by Dr. Deepak Marwah

FMT LRR by Dr. Akhilesh Raj Jhamad

Dr. Akhilesh Raj’s Last Resort Revision session is now available on YouTube. Watch now and go through all the important key concepts and make your exam preparation even more effective.

Why Attend the LRR Session?

Last Resort Revision can supercharge your INI-CET exam preparations if used efficiently. Here’s what LRR brings to the table and why you must attend the sessions - 

Expertly Crafted Program: LRR is the result of extensive research and collaboration with India’s top medical faculty. It is a tailored programme that will give you a fighting chance in subjects that may have seemed daunting before. You will be able to clear all your doubts and go into the exam with confidence.

Comprehensive Revision: LRR comprehensively covers all the previous year's topics and high-yield topics from all subjects, leaving no stone unturned in your preparation. By the end of the sessions, you’ll have thoroughly revised all 19 subjects in an exam-oriented manner.

Higher Success Rate: With LRR, you can expect a 50-60% strike rate in the INI-CET exam. This means if you revise efficiently during these LRR sessions, you can significantly increase your chances of success. Your score will improve and so will your rank and chances to get admission into your desired institute and branch.

What Not to Expect from LRR

While you understand what you can expect from LRR, it’s also important to clarify what this program won't do for you.

Top Rank Assurance: Undoubtedly, LRR is a powerful revision tool, and if utilized efficiently it will surely increase your score. However, it won't guarantee a top rank in INI-CET by itself. Your dedication and hard work are crucial. You must continue with your ongoing preparation instead of relying solely on LRR.

Replacement for Regular Courses: LRR is designed as a supplement program to give your preparations a last-minute boost. You must not consider it a replacement for your regular ongoing preparations. LRR sessions will definitely enhance your revision but are not designed to serve as your primary study source.

Who Should Join LRR?

LRR is not a one-size-fits-all program; it's highly tailored to meet the specific needs of aspiring INI-CET Nov '23 candidates. Here's a guideline to help you decide if LRR is the right choice for you:

Who is LRR for?
For You Not For You
Your primary goal is to excel in the INI-CET Nov '23 exam, and you're looking for an intensive and targeted revision program.Your goal is NEET PG. Stay on your current learning path, as separate LRR events will be organized for FMGE and NEET PG aspirants in the coming months.

In Conclusion, LRR is your ultimate weapon for conquering the INI-CET Nov '23 exam. With its expert guidance, comprehensive coverage, and the promise of improved results, it's time to embrace this opportunity and make your Last Resort Revision the key to your success. Get ready for an intense, focused, and results-driven revision journey with LRR.

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