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NBE SnapShot - The difference that last 15 days can make.

Nov 07, 2016

NBE SnapShot

ENT Residency

What is NBE SnapShot pack?

NBE SnapShot is the smartest pack by PrepLadder yet. It contains:
  • 1,000 Image based questions.
  • 1,200 questions that toppers answer wrong.
  • 1,200 questions that most people answer wrong.

Why do you need NBE SnapShot?

Did you know that Normalization will be used for scoring process in NEET PG. Questions that most people answered wrong will be tagged as difficult questions by the Prometric software and these questions will have higher weightage. To read the complete blog on how normalization works, visit: How the Marking Scheme used by NBE works So it’s obvious that you can score much higher and can get a much better rank if you were clear about the concepts that other people make mistakes in. But, how do you know which are the questions that other competitors are answering wrong?

PrepLadder has a solution.

Since maximum number of medicos compete at PrepLadder, thousands of questions are answered daily and we have the biggest sample size. Our intelligent data driven software analyzes each test attempt and we have reduced it to these 2,400 MCQs. 1,200 that our toppers answer wrong and 1,200 that most people answer wrong.

1,000 Image based questions.

Since Image Based MCQs is a relatively newer concept and their quantity is expected to increase in NEET PG this year, you need to practice more Image based questions. PrepLadder experts have made the biggest bank of NBE pattern image based MCQs, available with NBE Snapshot.

NBE Snapshot Important details:

Price: 2,999 Enroll now to get a 40% off (+20% CashBack). Already a premium member? You can avail 40% off and use your PrepCash to enroll for NBE SnapShot. (login to your registered PrepLadder account to use your PrepCash)

NBE Snapshot Exam Calendar:

There will be 10 image based exams (100 questions each). 4 Full length Grand tests containing questions that toppers answer wrong (300 questions each). 4 Full length Grand tests containing questions that most people answer wrong (300 questions each). All exams are now live and will be online till May 2017. Exams can be taken anytime till then. For any other query, please mail us at medical@prepladder.com
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