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Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2 Starting Soon 

Nov 10, 2023

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About Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2

Key Features of RR Edge Batch 2

Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2: Important Details 

Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2 Schedule

RR Edge Batch 2

Preparing for the upcoming NEET PG 2024 exam? Facing challenges in revising the extensive syllabus? Struggling to stick to your study schedule? 

Good news! Following the success of PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Edge Batch 1, where more than 20,000 aspirants revised together, we're thrilled to bring you RR Edge Batch 2.

Those who missed it the first-time around can now benefit from a well-structured, synchronized revision plan tailored specifically to meet their NEET PG 2024 revision needs. 

Read this blog further to know all the important details including the starting date, schedule and how you can supercharge your exam preparations with RR Edge.

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About Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2

After the massive success of Rapid Revision Edge Batch 1, we’re back with another synchronized revision plan for NEET PG 2023 aspirants. 

You will be provided a day-by-day revision plan, which will feature daily targets of video lectures and questions to practice. Additionally, you will also have the chance to evaluate your progress through our rigorous tests at regular intervals. 

To benefit from RR Edge, you will be required to dedicate at least 7 hours per day.

Key Features of RR Edge Batch 2

RR Edge Batch 2 offers you - 

Structured Revision Plan: Revise efficiently using a synchronized plan with daily targets of video lectures and questions and cover the entire exam syllabus in 81 days.

Rigorous Tests: The course includes incrementals and subject-wise tests to help you with performance evaluation. Additionally, there will be a grand test at the end of the course.

Dedicated PYQ Days: We have specific days for Previous Year Questions (PYQ) review. This will allow you to focus on high-yield topics and understand exam patterns better.

Intensive Performance Tracking: You will get detailed performance insights on the app including summary of test performance, correct/incorrect answers, time taken per answer. Plus, peer comparison and insights on course completion and pending assignments will also be available.

Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2: Important Details 

Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2 is a synchronous revision plan spread across 81 days for those targeting NEET PG. The entire course is meticulously developed to help you revise the entire syllabus in a structured manner. The best part is, RR Edge is available for free to all our premium ELITE Plan users.

Check out the table below for important details:

Starting Date18th November 2023
Ending Date 7th February 2024
Total Number of Days81 Days
Total Number of Hours270 Hours
Total Number of Study Days56 Days
Total Number of Test Days11 Days
Total Number of Break Days7 Days
Total Number of PYQ Days6 Days
RR Edge Batch 2 - Important Dates

Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2 Schedule

Detailed schedule of Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2, including the dates, number of days and hours for each subject, test days, break days and PYQ Days is enlisted in the table below - 

SubjectsNo. of hrsStudy DaysNo of QuestionsTest DaysBreak DaysPYQ DaysStart dateEnd date
Mock Test 1122-11-2322-11-23
Incremental Test 1124-11-2324-11-23
Incremental Test 2105-12-2305-12-23
Incremental Test 3118-12-2318-12-23
Mock Test 2120-12-2320-12-23
Incremental Test 4127-12-2327-12-23
Incremental Test 5107-01-2407-01-24
Mock Test 3117-01-2417-01-24
Incremental Test 6120-01-2420-01-24
Incremental Test 7126-01-2426-01-24
NEET PG 2023128-01-2428-01-24
NEET PG 2022129-01-2429-01-24
NEET PG 2021130-01-2430-01-24
NEET PG 2020131-01-2431-01-24
NEET PG 2019101-02-2401-02-24
NEET PG 2018102-02-2402-02-24
Revision Days203-02-2404-02-24
Grand Test105-02-2405-02-24
Mock Test 407-02-2407-02-24
Rapid Revision Edge Batch 2 Schedule

More than 20,000 aspirants have already benefited from Rapid Revision Edge Batch 1. This is yet another opportunity for you to supercharge your exam preparation and excel in NEET PG ‘24. Don’t miss out!

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