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Tips for PGI MD/MS Exam by Dr. Gobind Rai Garg

Nov 20, 2018

PGI MD/MS exam is scheduled to be held on 26th May 2019 and you are hardly left with 15 days to wrap up your preparation.

At this time some candidates might be nervous, some bewildered, some anxious. It is not easy for them to concentrate for long hours, but if you aspire to reach your targets, putting in the necessary hard work in these crucial days is very important.

We have received several queries from our users to guide them on how to attempt PGI exam, whose marking scheme is quite different from other Medical PG Entrance Exams

So, in order to guide the PGI aspirants in the right direction, we approached Dr. Gobind Rai Garg to share some tips for the upcoming PGI MD/MS Entrance Exam.

Dr. Garg has wonderfully explained the attempt strategy for PGI exam.

Exam pattern

PGI MD/MS exam has 250 questions and every question has 5 options and every option is considered as a question in itself.


PGI Exam Marking

a/A – b/B

a: Number of correct options you marked

A: Total number of correct options

b: Number of wrong options you marked

B: Total number of wrong options


Suppose out of 1250 options in the exam, 400 options are correct and 850 options are incorrect

  • A will be 400 (total correct options)
  • B will be 850 (total wrong options)
  • a will be how many out of 400 options you choose
  • b will be how many out of 850 options you marked

Out of 1250 options, usually 400 are correct and 850 are incorrect

Out of 400 options, you have marked only 300 options and done less incorrect options (let's say only 300 incorrect options)

Your marks will be 300/400 – 300/850

Marks are starting from 75 (–) around 30% wrong options

So, your marks will be nearly 45%, which are very less.


On the other hand, Dr. Gobind Rai Garg advises covering 400 correct options and 400 wrong options (instead of 300 wrong options),

Now your marks will be:

400/400 = 100 – 400/850

i.e Around 55%

So, with the same knowledge, you got 55% (i.e 10% extra marks)

Instead of thinking that the wrong option should not be marked, whenever you have slightest chances of the option to be correct, the answer should be marked. Even if you have 25-30% chances that the option can be correct, go for it.


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Go and give your best shot. Remember, life doesn’t give many chances. Make it count. You are a fighter. No matter what, you should never give up your dreams.


No need to panic, trust your preparations and abilities. You have really worked hard and will surely be able to grab your dream seat.

Go make it happen NOW because it's never too late to be awesome.


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