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Psychoanalysis - Topographical Theory of Mind - Psychiatry

Apr 28, 2023

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Proposed Ways by Sigmund Freud Of Moving Unconscious Things to Conscious Mind

Defense Mechanisms


Reaction Formation

Isolation of Affect


Aim Inhibition

Psychosexual Stage Of Development (SIGMUND FREUD)

Mental Health Care Act, 2017

Previous year Questions

Q. Freud’s theory of dream work, includes all except? (NEET Jan 2018)

Q. Oedipus Complex is seen in? (JIPMER Nov 2017)

Q. Provisions of WHO mental action gap are all, except: (AIIMS Nov 2018)

Organic Mental Disorder



M/C investigation finding in delirium

Difference Between Delirium And Dementia

Previous year Question

Q. Most common acute organic mental disorder?                (FMGE Dec 2018)

Psychoanalysis - Topographical Theory of Mind - Psychiatry
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