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PrepLadder's Championship Exams: Practice & Prepare at All India level

Apr 21, 2020

Buckle up as PrepLadder brings for you the free All India PG Mock Exam on the 4th Wednesday every monthPG exam preparation has been made easier for all with the help of our Championship mock exam that has been designed according to the recent All India exam pattern by the Dream Team especially keeping you in mind. We at PrepLadder are always ready to help you reach your goals by making all the necessary tools available for you to carry out your exam preparation swiftly. The Championship Mock test exams are absolutely free of cost for all users on the PrepLadder app and the website. Fulfill your dream of cracking your medical entrance exam by attempting the All India Championship Mock exams.

Championship Exam Schedule:

The upcoming schedule of the exam is as follows: Do not miss out on the upcoming exams. Mark your calendar and get your exam prep going.
Date Exam Duration No. of questions
27th May NEET-PG Championship 1 210 minutes 300
24th June NEET-PG Championship 2 210 minutes 300
22nd July NEET-PG Championship 3 210 minutes 300
26th Aug AIIMS Championship 4 180 minutes 200
23rd Sept AIIMS Championship 5 180 minutes 200
28th Oct AIIMS Championship 6 180 minutes 200
25th Nov NEET-PG Championship 4 210 minutes 300
23rd Dec NEET-PG Championship 5 210 minutes 300
You can take the upcoming exams either by visiting our website here or downloading our PrepLadder app for: - Androidhttp://bit.ly/androidprepladderapp - iOS: https://apple.co/2lHuLil

Benefits of the All India Mock Test

Our All India Championship Mock exam will enable PG aspirants to become well aware of the final day examination pattern. Also, it allows them to analyze their performance and check as to where they stand amongst their competitors. Given below are the reasons why you should appear for the All India Championship exam.

1. Get to know the actual exam pattern

- Championship mock exam series have been designed by the Dream Team which is a perfect guide to make you aware of the actual exam pattern. - Being well aware of the medical entrance exam pattern will enable you to attempt the questions with ease on the exam day and also, help you to build your study schedule accordingly. - Built according to the latest medical exam pattern, the mock exam includes all kinds of questions like IBQs, clinical scenarios, true/false, and much more.

2. Master your time management skills

- Time management plays an important role in all the medical entrance exams. In order for you to be able to attempt the majority of the questions and get them right, you need to build speed and accuracy. - The PrepLadder app uses specialized software which will make you aware of the amount of time you are spending on each question and the whole mock exam overall. - Our online All India test series will help you to develop your time management skills to solve the questions correctly in the given amount of time frame.

3. Know your Championship exam performance analysis

- Get to know where you stand amongst your competitors with the help of our exam result analysis which includes rankings and make you aware of your strong subjects. - This will help you not only to evaluate your strong and weak areas but also, shift to smart studying for your medical exams.

4Say, “goodbye” to examination fright

- Attempting mock tests help you gain confidence before your exam. It is natural for a candidate to feel scared or anxious but if they have attempted enough mock tests before the final exam then they have an idea of what to expect in the exam. - This will help you reduce your stress before the examination day. - Those that appear for mock tests before the final exam feels more confident on the day of the exam than those who have not attempted any mock exams. Grab hold of this opportunity to compete with more than 30,000+ real competitors, get a glimpse of the final examination day pattern. Make the most of this time by utilizing it to appear for our online All India Championship exams which are made available for you on the 4th Wednesday of every month.
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