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All you need to know about PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Course

Sep 20, 2019

All you need to know about PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Course

Do you still have doubts regarding PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Course?? Are you still hesitant to purchase the course?? Want to clear all your confusions?? If your answer to any of the above questions is a big YES, Don’t Worry! We have come forward with this blog to clear all your queries. From the last few weeks, we have been receiving ample queries from the students, so we approached Dr. Vivek Jain to answer the Frequently Asked Questions by the students. We have compiled the text in the form of questions & answers for a better understanding:

1. What exactly is PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Course (RRC)?

PrepLadder RRC is an attempt by Team PrepLadder, where faculty have utilized their 10-15 years of teaching experience to condense the whole course into 165 hours of videos (Combined 165 hours for all 19 subjects). Each subject tries to cover the majority of topics asked in PG entrance examinations over the last 10 years. (For instance: PSM 42 hours content has been reduced to 6.5 hours in the Rapid Revision Course). Notes for all 19 subjects, based on PrepLadder RRC are bundled together for benefit of the students.

2. How has PrepLadder RRC content been developed?

It was a massive exercise to condense voluminous course into 165 hours total (for a combined 19 subjects). To begin with, the faculty took question papers of last 10 years of their individual subject (all exams), which were then grouped and sorted out according to chapters topics and subtopics. Finally, the content was compiled in RRC.

3. Does PrepLadder’s RRC cover 100% of my course?

No, Not at all. No course (online or offline) can cover 100% of MBBS course in its module. Our idea is to cover the majority (60-80%) course through PrepLadder’s RRC. High yield topics have been covered to give students an extra edge over competitors in the exams.

4. What exactly is covered in PrepLadder’s RRC?

PrepLadder’s RRC covers 165 hours of video lectures in all (including Image-based discussion) + 3000 high yield MCQs with explanatory answers + RRC notes for all the 19 subjects combined together in two volumes + Video discussions of all the PG exams of last 2 years by individual faculty (NEET-PG/AIIMS/DNB/FMGE/JIPMER) + Treasures (high yield tables, charts, mnemonics, tables)

5. Can I come in Toppers after doing PrepLadder RRC?

Why not? It all depends on your smart preparation. No platform or Institute can guarantee Topper position to anyone. A student has to be self-disciplined & determined in order to score a high rank. PrepLadder’s RRC has been designed to cover voluminous course in a short time through effective measures.

6. Who should use PrepLadder’s Rapid Revision Course?

“Each and every student can use!”, but you will have to use it smartly to score high in the exams. Please do not change the original source of content subject-wise, whichever you have followed till now (PrepLadder/M/D/B). “Students who have done Zero preparation till now” – PrepLadder’s RRC is a tailor-made course for you. It has 165 hours of video. Try to watch videos for 5 hours a day. Utilize the remaining time of the day in practicing MCQs, going through Treasures. Your entire course of 19 subjects should finish in 35-45 days. Make a schedule right now keeping time for at least 3-5 revisions. First revision must be done in half the time i.e 85 hours. Second revision in 45 hours, and so on……. “Students who won't be able to complete all the 19 subjects even once by End-September”: Try to complete the remaining subjects from PrepLadder’s RRC. It is better to do something than leaving the subject altogether. Try to revise already completed subjects from the same source you used earlier (PrepLadder/M/D/B). For the left-out subject’s revision, make use from PrepLadder’s RRC itself. “Students who have completed all the 19 subjects already at least once”: Now it's time for you to go for at least 5-8 revisions. Try to revise from the same source you used earlier(PrepLadder/M/D/B). PrepLadder’s RRC can be used in between to revise all the subjects individually in a short time from a totally different perspective. “Students who are giving their second, third or later attempt this year”: You already have a good command over all the 19 subjects. Going through PrepLadder’s RRC will help you revise all from a fresh perspective in a very short time. If you are still in doubt, watch subject-wise RR videos in the individual apps and decide yourself. If you are not a PrepLadder Premium user, watch it along with your friends. TAKE AN INFORMED DECISION for your career!


  • Try to revise all subjects min. 5-8 times (Toppers say 10-14 revisions are mandatory!; Yes 10-14 revisions, easier said than done but then Toppers are different).
  • Take out time to watch Video-Discussions of Exams of last years as per convenience (but if possible around 1 week before the specific exam).
  • Whatever extra you gain from PrepLadder’s RRC (Videos/Treasures/MCQs/Exam-Discussions), include in your notes. In the end, you’ll only be able to revise your notes only.
  • Trust your hard work and dedication. Seek the blessings of your parents!
Best wishes! Team PrepLadder
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