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Know All About PrepLadder’s Clinical Case Discussions For Viva Prep

May 18, 2022

Clinical Case Discussions

Viva is a critical part of India's undergraduate and postgraduate medical examinations assessment. The process is designed to evaluate the competencies of a medical graduate exhaustively. 

It assesses their communication skills and professional attitude. A student’s depth of knowledge and understanding of a particular subject/topic is also analyzed thoroughly via comprehensive in-person discussions. 

Having mentioned the importance of Viva, we are curious to know if you still follow traditional preparation strategies for such a challenging and vital evaluation? 

Well, it’s time to change that!

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Introducing PrepLadder’s Revolutionary Viva Prep Solution - Clinical Case Discussion

Dedicated to simplifying your exam preparation, PrepLadder constantly innovates solutions that yield excellent results. We strive to provide aspirants with amazing learning resources, from excellent course content to quality revision tools. 

Our latest addition, Clinical Case Discussions for Viva Prep, is another effort to provide final year students with an effortless and enriching learning experience.

This solution is specifically designed to assist final year students with their viva preparations. With exclusive access to 236 detailed videos covering the entire syllabus, viva prep will become a walk in the park for all students. 

What does Clinical Case Discussions Entail?

Clinical Case Discussions

We provide you with detailed videos of all clinical cases you may encounter during clinical postings. These videos are meticulously curated to help you develop an in-depth understanding of topics. We have emphasized delivering the subject matter to allow you to retain the information and retrieve the same easily during the viva. 

Catch a glimse of the Clinical Case Discussions video here-


Extensive Course Coverage

The entire course content is discussed exhaustively in 236 detailed videos. Our experts have strategically bifurcated the entire syllabus for each video so that the course content is easy to digest and memorize.

Intercative Learning

This is our stand-out feature! We have tried to replicate real-life scenarios through our clinical case discussions, allowing the learner and educator to discuss the most critical cases subject-wise.

How Will Clinical Case Discussions Benefit You?

In addition to a solid understanding of the subject, skills to convey it to the examiners are of utmost importance for passing a viva. 

Our clinical case discussion videos allow you to assemble your knowledge base. Plus, it is also beneficial in helping you remember the information so that it can be quickly retrieved and communicated during the viva. 

Besides preparing you to field the breadth of questions examiners will throw at you during the viva, these clinical case discussion videos will also assist with- 

  • Developing concept clarity and understanding of how to connect different subjects for a particular disease 
  • Learning the art of taking a patient’s history 
  • Understanding how to make a provisional diagnosis
  • Learning how to rule out differential diagnosis
  • Learning how to prescribe treatment to a particular patient

Now that you know how beneficial our clinical case discussion videos can be for your viva prep, we encourage you to start exploring it for yourself. 

Download the app now and learn on the go. 

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