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NEET PG: Rapid Revision 5.0 Now LIVE! 

Aug 21, 2023

NEET PG: Rapid Revision 5.0 Now LIVE!

The much-awaited Rapid Revision 5.0 is now live!

We know for a fact (and through countless student testimonials) that Rapid Revision 5.0 has been a treasured asset for medical PG aspirants. It’s something toppers vouch for and dreamers aspired for. Naturally, we had to continue the legacy and make it more efficient in helping students. So, here we are with Rapid Revision 5.0.

Keep reading to know all about its amazing features and how they can aid your NEET PG preparations

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Rapid Revision 5.0 Features

At PrepLadder, we firmly believe effective revision can be a game changer in a student’s preparation. It is one of the most crucial things an aspirant can do to elevate his preparations and boost his score and rank. 

Hence, we’ve put in our hearts and soul to make Rapid Revision 5.0 flawless. We are sure that RR 5.0 will be a boon in a student’s exam preparation. Keep reading to find out how.

Carefully Curated Videos

Brace yourself for highly-informative videos strategically curated to help you cover the entire NEET PG syllabus in less time. While these videos offer compressed information on all the topics, you can rest assured that it leaves nothing out. 

Our renowned faculties and subject matter experts have emphasized on covering all 19 subjects thoroughly. Plus, all the critical updates have been added to the videos. 

We are sure that the content of our rapid revision videos will keep you glued to your screens, all the while assisting you to grasp concepts in a manner that the information cements in your long-term memory. 

Crisp and Concise Notes

Those who have used the PrepLadder app already know that we have an in-app feature to add notes and bookmarks while watching a video. It allows students to write down pointers they’d like to revisit or things they want to take a deeper look at later. 

But the students who find it inconvenient to revisit the video lectures can also rely on the Rapid Revision Notes. Yes, we also offer well-structured, clear, and concise notes to aid your revision process further. 

These notes are equipped with images, graphics, charts, illustrations, and much more, which makes them self-explanatory. Plus, all the images have also been updated following the latest guidelines. 

Our notes are not only easier to read and understand but incredibly engaging as well.  

There’s more! Just like Rapid Revision 5.0, the updated version also guarantees convenience with time stamps. Using time stamps, we have integrated video lectures and notes as it will allow you to easily navigate between the notes and the corresponding video segments.  

In addition, you will also benefit from important information boxes designed to boost the retention of key concepts. These boxes are strategically placed throughout the content and highlight crucial information, important formulas, mnemonics, or key terms that are vital for a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

High-Yield QBank

It has been established that there is no alternative for practicing MCQs. If you plan to clear NEET PG 2024, you must practice MCQs, and that too, a lot of them. To this end, we have added handpicked questions to boost your practice. You will find subject-wise topics in our QBank. So, as soon as you end up revising a subject, you can attempt all related MCQs and evaluate your knowledge.

Besides, we have not just worked on the number of questions; our team has dedicatedly worked to ensure that the questions are relevant from the exam point of view. 

You will also find all the PYQs in your Qbank. This will allow you to review the questions in the previous exams and further enhance your preparation. 

Now that you know what Rapid Revision 5.0 has in store for you make sure you explore it thoroughly. To do that, download the Best App for NEET PG preparation now for Android device and Best NEET PG App for iOS device.

Lastly, you must remember revision is not something to be done if time allows. You must plan for it ahead of time to attempt the exam more confidently and accurately. So, take full advantage of our updated Rapid Revision 5.0 and ace your medical PG exam.

Rapid Revision 5.0
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