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Rapid Revision 3.0 'Perfection Perfected' | Now Live

Sep 13, 2021

Rapid Revision 3.0

It’s here! It’s better than ever! It’s everything you asked for and more. The wait is finally over. PrepLadder's Rapid Revision 3.0 & Snapshot 3.0 is live now! An incredible attempt to take your Medical PG preparation to the next level of excellence. It’s perfection perfected? Wondering how? Simple. The new features are intended to give an edge to your preparation. High-yield, well-structured, concise, and effective content makes this latest version ‘perfection perfected’. So, be ready to move up a gear and board the flight of your dream specialization!

The 3.0 version will be included in the 2021 Dream Pack so that you make strides like never before!

Here’s everything you need to know so that you don’t miss out on anything while learning from the Rapid Revision 3.0 and Snapshot 3.0:

Features of Rapid Revision 3.0

# Videos

Our video content of 180 hours aims to make you equally fall in love with all the 19 subjects, helping you nail each one of them with the same level of proficiency. The videos are more detailed than ever before and have been updated with detailed information on the high-yielding topics covered in the previous years’ question papers. Now, you don’t have to sweat over filtering out the relevant information about the latest exam updates because we have got you covered with that! Start watching the videos and taking notes because these videos will change the way you revise. 

# QBank

Over 2500 high-yield and hand-picked questions meant to boost your revision, get ready to embark on your practice journey. After thorough research and analysis of previous question papers, we decided to enrich the question bank with more questions to put your clinical knowledge to the test. If it was asked in the past, it’s here. We have not only added to the number of question marks but have also included all the important information related to the topics covered in the questions. The team walked the extra mile by adding active guidance for highlighting the crucial points. The deal gets better than your best imagination as now, the questions are tagged with treasures for a holistic understanding of the subject. With all these, you’re not just rapid but also thorough with your revision. 

# Notes

The RR 3.0 notes will now include past-year exam questions, with answers and explanations. So, while going through a topic, you’ll be able to see what kind of questions have been asked from that topic in the past exams. 

We have compiled the notes in a systematic way to help you ensure quick revision of the important topics.

The team has designed maps to ensure the integration of the topics that are crucial to multiple subjects. These maps guarantee rapid revision by eliminating the need to open and read various books for an absolute understanding of the topics. 

To add to all the goodness, Concept Ladder will help you crack concepts in no time. Every step of this ladder promises clarity of significant concepts. It’s only when you understand things well, you become indomitable! Rapid Revision 3.0 is all set to make you indomitable in your revision. 

Features of Snapshots 3.0

# Videos:

50+ hours of video content has been exclusively planned and shot to include discussions on image-based questions. Every possible question related to images has been covered, ensuring that the questions of this category seem like a cakewalk on the exam day.

# Notes:

Snapshot 3.0 notes are more clinical, more colorful, and have high-quality images. These are full-fledged notes based on Snapshot 3.0 videos that are exam-relevant, high-yield, and concise. The significance of Snapshot is to create a photogenic memory because visual memory is more powerful and helps you remember better. Revise exam-oriented images and all relevant high-yield points in no time with Snapshot 3.0. 

The snapshots for image based-questions previously did not include answers. The 3.0 version has impeccably taken care of the same. We have added solutions to all the questions along with strategically compiled notes.

We want you to aim for the stars and win them all without having to try multiple times. But we do understand that the last phase of this journey includes revising everything you have learned in the entire journey. So, if you are not efficient enough, the stars would begin to move far away while you stand on the last step of the ladder. Considering the same, we want to make sure that your revision is indeed rapid. The improved versions of the app features allow the users to go through the notes based on the video lectures without having to watch the videos. 

High definition images leave no room for zooming in and concise notes leave no room for wastage of your valuable time.

Learn and revise to retain so that you succeed like never before!

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