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Rapid Revision 3.0 & Snapshot 3.0 | Our Best Notes Ever | Now Available

Sep 15, 2021

Prepladder launches rapid revision 3.0 and snapshot 3.0 notes

Do you have all the notes for Medical PG preparation? A valid question a decade ago holds the same significance today and will be equally relevant in the years to come. That’s because regardless of the time, place, and circumstances, notes have always been crucial to one’s Medical PG journey. Considering this and our aim to give you nothing short of perfection, we have launched Rapid Revision 3.0 and Snapshot 3.0 notes which are ‘Our best notes ever’. The triumph of our mission to ‘perfection perfected’ reflected every bit in the conciseness of our notes, promising quick revision sessions while ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything.

Rapid Revision 3.0 Notes

The RR 3.0 notes include the questions asked in the previous years, along with solutions and explanations. It ensures that you are familiar with the previously asked questions while reading and revising a given topic. We have systematically compiled the notes to help you ensure a rapid revision of the important topics.

Making things even better, the team has designed maps to ensure the integration of the topics that are crucial to multiple subjects. These maps guarantee rapid revision by eliminating the need to open and read various books for completing a given topic.

The introduction of Concept Ladder is the bonus you didn’t know you needed. This ladder promises clarity of significant concepts, and you become a more knowledgeable version of yourself with every step. Understanding the concepts from the very core further paves the way for remarkable results. 

RR 3.0 notes make your revision sessions quick, your exam preparation journey smooth, and your targets achievable!

Snapshot 3.0 Notes

Do you secretly wish for notes that are more clinical, more colorful, and have high-quality images? Well, Snapshot 3.0 notes are all of this and much more! These notes are complete and are based on exam-relevant and high-yield Snapshot 3.0 videos. Snapshot as a feature of the app aims at creating photogenic memories which ensure better understanding and retention. We want all the relevant topics and exam-oriented images to stick to your memory like the finest glue!

The snapshots for image based-questions now include the solutions along with strategically compiled notes so that you don’t have to worry about marking the answers in your books.

The improved versions of the app features allow the users to go through the notes based on the video lectures without having to watch the videos. We want you to cover every topic so that in the final phase of your preparation, your faith in your big dreams consolidates. After the exam, aspirants often wonder how things would be for them if their revision plan was more efficient. We don’t want you to find your name on that list of aspirants. In fact, we have laid out the perfect revision plan for you so that your name pops up when they talk about the achievers!

High definition images leave no room for zooming in, and concise notes leave no room for wastage of your valuable time.

No one aims at retaining every word written in every book authored for all 19 subjects. However, if your notes are complete, concise, ensure clarity, quick revision, and cover every topic, they are everything you need for the preparation. And remembering every word of such notes definitely serves as an ideal goal!

Now that you have the perfect notes, get ready to set ideal goals and achieve them with Rapid Revision 3.0 and Snapshot 3.0!

Q and A

Q) Can I avail the notes if I am not a premium app user?

Ans.) The FMGE and Medical PG aspirants with the Dream Pack can make the most of RR 3.0 and Snapshot 3.0 notes. To get the Dream Pack, visit https://www.prepladder.com/courses/medical-pg

Q) How can I order the notes?

Ans.) It is very easy to order your RR 3.0 and Snapshot 3.0 notes. All you have to do is follow the given steps:

1.Visit www.prepladder.com/

2.Next, fill in your email address.

3.After you have filled in your details, you will learn about your eligibility status to avail the notes.

4.An eligible user will be then directed to the next page where they can select the set of Notes.

5.In order to complete the order, you have to make the payment of INR 3,500/- in the next step.

6.Following this, you have to provide the details pertaining to your address.

7.Then you will begin to get updates related to the notes on your registered email address.

Q) What if I want to prepare offline?

Well, we have an excellent solution for that as well. Neuros academy powered by PrepLadder offers an ultimate 21-day Revision Bootcamp, which is specially designed to help you cover the entire medical PG syllabus in less time. The Revision Bootcamp is organized in several cities across India, where aspirants get to learn face-to-face from top medical faculties of India.

Yes, it’s that easy! We hope to make your Medical journey easier with the best notes ever!

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