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How I jumped More Than 3,300 ranks in AIPGMEE 2016 to Get My Dream PG Seat

May 19, 2016

We wanted to know what is special about a few selected candidates who crack AIPGMEE with flying colors. Is it some sort of inspiration, strategy, love for the medicine or just luck?

They say that “Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

We wanted to find out how true this old saying is.

 So we approached somebody who has been both successful and unsuccessful in AIPGMEE.

In this article we will discuss Dr. Harinder Kaur’s story and how she converted her failure in AIPGMEE 2015 to success in AIPGMEE 2016.

Dr Harinder Kaur applied for AIPGMEE for two consecutive years viz. 2015 and 2016.

PrepLadder: Hello Dr. Harinder, tell us something about you.

Dr. Harinder Kaur: Hello, My name is Dr. Harinder Kaur. I have done MBBS from DMC Ludhiana. I was a mediocre student in MBBS.

I joined a coaching institute and worked hard during my internship and as result, I cleared AIPGMEE and got Rank 4,267. But I wanted to be a Paediatrician and 4,267 was not a good enough rank for that.

A little disheartened, I joined a job post internship in a private hospital but I quit in April to have one more go at PG preparation. And in AIPGMEE 2016 all my hard work paid off and I secured Rank 932. Presently, I am pursuing MD Pediatrics from GMC Amritsar.

PrepLadder: What different did you do for AIPGMEE 2016? Can you tell us about your strategic approach for AIPGMEE?

Dr. Harinder Kaur: There was difference in my strategy in AIPGMEE 2016, I worked a lot smarter this time. These are the few things that I did differently.

  1. ENT Residency

    I concentrated only on high yield topics

In 2016, my main aim was to get a good rank in AIPGMEE. So I focused on studying according to that. I started analysing previous exam papers and went through almost every source I came by to know what was important from AIPGMEE viewpoint. I prepared only the high yielding topics.

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  1. I followed a study plan and always kept time to revise after completing a subject.

I started with the subject which had maximum weightage and studied only the important topics because the syllabus was very vast and it was difficult for me to digest all of it. I revised everything that I studied on the same day as well as every weekend to make a firm grasp on the subject.

  1. The notes I made while studying proved to be my biggest asset during revision.

Whatever I understood in a topic I used to scribble that in my notebook in my own language with my own mnemonics. This proved to be very useful during revision as I was able to recall what I had learnt very easily.

  1. Online tests were a life saver

I used to think in the past years’ preparation, “What is the need for joining online test series, I am putting the maximum effort and I retain most of everything that I have prepared”. But I realized that exam environment is completely different. I specifically struggled in time management during the exam.

So in 2015 I joined a test series and it actually helped me a lot. Online tests improved my pace and accuracy and I got valuable exam experience. I was also able to conquer all my weak points through online tests.

  1. Leaving 3 months for revision was probably my best decision

I completed all the syllabus 3 months before the examination and utilised the last three months only for revision and practice. While studying I made sure that I don’t study anything that I won’t be able to revise later.

  1. Revised all the volatile topics that were not concept based again in the last week.

During the revision period of three months I revised all my notes. But in the last week I filtered out the topics for revision, I emphasized more on volatile topics which were not concept based (like cycles from Biochemistry, tables from Harrison and IPC codes)

  1. This did not happen by luck.

Many people will tell you that clearing PGMEE is a matter of luck but I personally don not think so. Luck can never substitute persistence and hard work. A combination of smart work and hard work is what you need to be successful.

This was all that I did differently.

PrepLadder: Thank you for sharing your precious strategy with us. At last what message you will give to the aspirants of AIPGMEE?

Dr. Harinder Kaur: My message to all is that find and bring out the real passion and hunger to win. This will always motivate you to work hard and stay persistent.

All the best to everyone reading this. May you achieve what you wish for.

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