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Introducing SS ELITE Plan (Ver.3.0) Grab the Early Bird Offer!

Aug 15, 2023


The ultimate NEET SS study resource is finally here! 

Introducing SS ELITE Plan (Version 3.0) - Gain Super Speciality Excellence the ELITE Way! 

Launching on 11th September 2023, it’s the only guide you'll need to conquer the NEET SS examination.

Time is precious for every SS aspirant and in such a situation, SS ELITE Plan emerges as your perfect partner. Tailored to suit your demanding schedule, this resource streamlines the vast syllabus into crisp and easily digestible parts.

We understand that pursuing a super speciality demands extraordinary dedication. And your relentless effort to achieve your DM/MCh degree deserves an equally unwavering support system. With the SS ELITE Plan, your passion meets the perfect study content, bringing you closer to your dream super speciality branch

So what makes SS ELITE Plan the perfect study resource for your super speciality preparation? 

Let’s find out! 

NEET SS medicine elite plan

SS ELITE Plan (Version 3.0) - What’s Changed?

Exciting changes await you in SS ELITE Plan (Ver. 3.0).

Picture this: Video lectures that align with your textbooks and simplify the toughest topics. Notes that are self-explanatory, concise, and sprinkled with engaging puzzles. A QBank that not only helps you practice but also learn at the same time!

SS ELITE Plan isn't just a resource – it's your strategic advantage. 

Read on and learn more about it. 

Conceptual Video Lectures - Created by India’s Top Medical Faculty

Everything that you look for in a video lecture, you will find it in SS ELITE Plan. These video lectures are carefully curated by the Dream Team - India’s leading super speciality faculty and are based on the latest exam pattern. 

These conceptual video lectures will streamline your preparation because they are based on the standard textbooks you will use - Harrison’s for Medicine, Nelson’s for Pediatrics, and Love & Bailey and Sabiston for Surgery

What makes these lectures brilliant is their focus on strengthening your conceptual understanding by simplifying the toughest topics given within the syllabus.  

Moreover, they also contain all the important topics of the past five years, ensuring your preparation is well-rounded. 

Next, let’s look at what’s new in Notes.

Notes (Ver. 3.0) - Self-explanatory, concise, and easy to read. 

With such a vast syllabus, it is crucial to have notes that are well-structured, concise and help you revise effectively. 

And this is where Notes 3.0 come into the picture. They are the perfect study companion for your preparation because:

  1. Topics are presented in a systematic manner for ease of understanding and to make your preparation as smooth as possible. 
  2. They contain high-quality images with improved quality and clarity. 
  3. Important information boxes are added in every chapter to help you remember high-yielding points. 
  4. Learning becomes fun! Crossword puzzles based on factual information are added after every unit. 

QBANK 3.0 - Turn Practice Into Mastery 

The QBank 3.0 checks every requirement to be the ideal QBank. It is both a learning and a practicing tool and perfectly balances the number of questions asked with the number of topics covered. And the best part is QBank 3.0 features a majority of clinical scenarios!

Subject Number of Questions

All of the questions are framed as per the latest exam pattern and are aligned with the video lectures to make the learning process easier for you, 

But what makes QBank 3.0 an excellent learning and practicing tool is its explanation of both the correct and incorrect options for every question. 

Why is that necessary?  Here’s why.

Studying the incorrect and correct explanations together helps you:

  • To study a particular topic completely in one place. 
  • To understand the key points that will lead to the correct answer 
  • To understand how to eliminate the confusing options.

For example, check out the images given below: 

Amazing, right? But wait, there’s more!

Here are the other features that make QBank 3.0 the only QBank you need for your SS preparation. 

Active Guidance - This is a guiding tool and is enabled in each question. It will help you understand the key points in the question first so that you can arrive at the answer quickly.

Just like we did in the paragraph above. Amazing, right? 

Here’s an example of how that will look: 

Learning Objectives - This feature is added at the end of each question and provides a brief summary of a topic, the inference to be derived from a question, or the take-home message you need to grasp. 

And last but not least, all questions are tagged with the relevant video lectures and Treasures for comprehensive learning. 

And speaking of Treasures, let’s find out what’s new in there, shall we?

Treasures 3.0 

Treasures are the most essential information you need to know for every topic and are an excellent resource for last-minute revision. In version 3.0, you will get access to improved Treasures that will help you complete your revision in a flash. 

For a better understanding, refer to the image given below:

Here are the number of treasures in each subject: 


Subject Wise Unit Tests 

Every unit now includes a static test that you can attempt to boost your preparation. 

Each test comprises 50 questions along with detailed explanations of both the correct and incorrect options. This is intended to give you a holistic coverage of the entire topic and by extension, the syllabus. 

Every question you solve will bring you closer to cracking the SS exam. To strengthen your preparation even more, the marking scheme is kept the same as that of the NEET SS exam.

Meet Your Educators - The Team In Dream Team 

NEET SS Pediatrics 

Entire course is done by Dr. Sandeep Sharma.

NEET SS Medicine 

Dr. Santhosh M. PatilGeneral Medicine
Critical care Medicine
Medical Genetics
Infectious disease
Dr. Deepak Marwah Neurology
Dr. Ganga R.G.Nephrology
Dr. Dilip KumarHematology
Acid base balance
Medical Oncology
Dr. Rajesh GubbaEndocrinologyCardiology

NEET SS Surgery

Dr. Pawan KandhariBasic Principles of Surgery
Paediatric surgery
Dr. Deepak Ghuliani CTVS
Breast / Endocrine
Dr. Pritesh SinghPlastic Surgery
Head / Neck
GIT/ hepatobiliary
Dr. RohanNeurosurgery

Embrace NEET SS 3.0 - Your Gateway To Becoming A Super Specialist

The countdown has begun till SS ELITE Plan’s (Version 3.0) launch on 11th September 2023. 

Now you know everything about NEET SS 3.0 and the potential it has to truly transform your preparation. 

You can get it all at an unbelievable price if you are quick enough to grab the Early Bird Offer today. 

Prepare to unlock your potential, transcend your limits, and conquer the NEET SS examination like never before. Embrace the future of super speciality preparation. 

Embrace SS ELITE Plan (Version 3.0)! 

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