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Medical News Bulletin Edition 12

Mar 31, 2023

Medical News Bulletin Edition 12

Keeping up with the latest editions of medical textbooks is not enough. These days, to reach your 100% potential and scale up your NEET SS preparation, you must keep up with the latest developments in the medical world so you can make more informed decisions going forward in your career.  

Welcome to the 12th edition of the Medical News Bulletin where you’ll discover some of the most interesting medical news that made the headlines recently.

In this edition, we will discuss a new treatment method for cancer, insightful studies into the brain’s internal compass and how it works, what made India take cognisance of rare diseases and finally a heroic feat of multiple surgeries performed by doctors of Sahyadri Hospitals in the Deccan. 

Let’s get started! 

New way to treat cancer discovered!

Researchers have found a new method to treat cancer that causes as little damage as possible to nearby healthy cells. The treatment is called radionuclide therapy and is delivered in a targeted manner where the cancer killing radiation attacks the cancer cells by binding to the receptors on the cell surface. 

This targeted approach spares as many healthy cells as possible. The findings have been published in the Advanced Healthcare Materials.

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Study reveals insights into how the brain’s internal compass works

Scientists have discovered exciting new insights into the part of the brain associated with direction. The last decade has witnessed a revolution in neuroscience technology and this has allowed new studies into how the brain works. 

For the purposes of this study, the scientists exposed mice to a virtual, disorienting world and recorded their responses to their changing environment. 

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Rare diseases are surprisingly common 

Around 7000 rare diseases affect 350 million people across the world and the majority of those affected are children. According to the Indian Society for Clinical Research, there are 70 million patients in India who are suffering from rare diseases. 

Taking notice of this issue and in an effort to address this problem, the government of India launched the National Policy for Rare Diseases in March 2021. The country started taking more notice of rare diseases and the people affected by them after actor Irrfan Khan revealed in 2018 that he is suffering from a rare disease. 

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Doctors perform three surgeries in a single setting

A multidisciplinary team at Sahyadri Hospitals, Deccan performed three surgeries on a 48 years old male patient diagnosed with several complications including decompensated chronic liver disease, liver cancer and coronary artery disease. The doctors performed Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR), followed by Bypass Surgery (CABG) and a living donor liver transplant on the same day and under single anesthesia. 

The decision to perform all three surgeries one after the other was made after gathering a team of specialists and to minimize the risk of liver tumor growth while waiting for a liver transplant. 

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