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Medical News Bulletin Edition 17

May 17, 2023

Medical News Bulletin Edition 17

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Medical News Bulletin. In this edition, you will discover rare medical conditions and mind-blowing reproductive procedures that have stirred up the medical community. 

Medical news bulletin is the number one source for you to catch up on the latest developments in the medical world and make more informed decisions going forward in your career. 

In this edition, you will read about the first sperm-injecting robot, a rare black tongue disease and an alarming revelation about cancer medicines, among others. 

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World’s First Babies Born With Sperm Injecting Robot

The world's first babies have been born after a sperm-injecting robot procedure. Experts say this could revolutionize fertility treatments. The technique could increase the chances of conception and reduce the need for invasive procedures.

This feat was achieved by a team of engineers from Barcelona, Spain, who used a robotic needle to insert sperm cells into two eggs resulting in two healthy baby girls. One of the engineers even used a Sony PlayStation 5 to position the robotic needle. 

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Cancer Medicines Can Lead to Heart Failure, Warns Study

A recent study has found that some cancer treatments can lead to cardiotoxicity and harm the heart. 

The study was conducted by researchers at the University College London. It has uncovered some shocking side effects of using cancer medicines. The study says that cancer medicines can affect the pumping ability of the heart and can potentially lead to heart failure. 

The findings point the way towards developing safer and more effective cancer drugs. 

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Rare 'Black Hairy Tongue' Condition Diagnosed in Woman

A rare condition known as "black hairy tongue" has been diagnosed in a woman, causing her tongue to become black and furry-looking. It is a benign and reversible condition occurring as a side-effect of various drugs. 

Black Hairy Tongue is a rare condition that this 60-year-old woman suffered from as a result of a bizarre reaction to antibiotics. She was diagnosed with drug-induced hyperpigmentation and a black hairy tongue (BHT). 

As per the doctors, black hairy tongue results from a buildup of dead skin cells on the multiple tiny papillae projections on the surface of the tongue that contains taste buds. 

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Vijaya Hospital Adopts AI-based Patient Monitoring Technology

Vijaya Hospital in Chennai has adopted an AI-based remote patient monitoring system called Dozee to improve patient care and reduce the risk of infection. Dozee can monitor patients' vital signs and alert doctors to any potential issues, allowing for early intervention.

Dozee helps healthcare providers to remotely monitor patient vitals such as respiration rate, heart rate, SPO2 levels, blood pressure and temperature while keeping track of their sleeping patterns. 

Another advantage of Dozee is that it helps save hundreds of hours that nurses spend manually checking patient vitals. Instead, it allows nurses to spend more time in bedside patient care. 

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Hyderabad Startup's Physiotherapy Monitoring Device Gets FDA Approval

A startup in Hyderabad has developed a physiotherapy monitoring device called Pheezee that the US FDA has approved. The device measures the surface electromyogram (sEMG) of bulk muscles and the range of motion (ROM) of primary joints simultaneously. 

Hyderabad-based Startoon Labs, a medical device startup, created the device. The founder claims that Pheezee is the first-of-its-kind device in the world. 

Pheezee generates reports that help patients to track their recovery and enables telerehabilitation of patients while keeping their doctor updated on their progress. This makes it a first in the field of physiotherapy. 

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And that sums up all the essential medical news for today! 

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