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Medical News Bulletin Edition 9 

Feb 24, 2023

Welcome to Medical News Bulletin, edition number 9.

To rise above the mediocre and reach the top of their fields, medical practitioners must keep up with the changing times by regularly updating themselves with the latest medical news. 

Welcome to Medical News Bulletin, edition number 9. To help you make sense of this changing landscape, we bring to you our weekly medical news bulletin featuring some of the prominent medical news from around the world. 

In this edition, Alzheimer’s disease finds a new age group, lifestyle changes have bought young people closer to being diagnosed with cancer, hope for HIV patients is renewed, and medical students of the future might have more varied options than just being medical practitioners.  

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Let’s have a look at what the latest developments in the medical world are. 

Youngest Alzheimer’s Patient Ever. 

A 19-year-old man from China has been having memory problems since the age of 17. He has now been diagnosed with “probable” Alzheimer’s Disease. And if the diagnosis is right, he will be the youngest person ever to be recorded to have this disease.

The main risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s Disease is getting old, which is what makes this latest development so unusual. In fact, this is not the first time a young person has been diagnosed with this disease. 

Before this, a 21-year-old was the youngest to ever suffer from Alzheimer’s. For people under 30 years of age, the causal factor for the disease is usually faulty genes. A genetic fault was the cause in the 21-year-old’s case as well. 

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Colorectal Cancer On Rise In India.

There has been a rise in the incidents of cancer of the large intestine, also known as Colorectal Cancer. In order to prevent fatalities, experts stress early screening, especially for those aged 45 or above.

Colorectal cancer is an umbrella term for colon, anus or rectum cancer. According to the experts, cancer of this nature is driven more by a change in lifestyle than family history. A sedentary lifestyle and faulty food habits make this cancer variant common even among the young. 

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HIV Cure With Stem Cells?

A 53-year-old HIV-positive man in Germany was completely cured of the HIV virus by a stem cell transplant, also called a bone marrow transplant, making him the 3rd person in the world to be treated for HIV using stem cells. 

Before this, two other patients in London and Berlin were cured of both HIV and cancer by the same procedure. Although the results are hopeful for HIV-positive patients, bone marrow treatment cannot be rolled out to persons not suffering from leukaemia.  

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Uprising Of Medical Startups?

In order to promote entrepreneurship among medical students, Delhi AIIMS has introduced a startup policy. In fact, collaborations with IITs, ISBs and IIMs have been planned for the same. 

A senior faculty member said AIIMS has introduced this policy considering the evolving times and changing requirements. Another faculty member was quoted as saying, “...medical students should have knowledge of other fields like management and finances too. This will help them in their career growth.”

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