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NEET SS 2.0 Launching Soon: Built To Match Your Passion

Dec 07, 2021

NEET SS 2.0 Launching Soon by PrepLadder

The updated NEET SS pattern strengthened our resolve to make the most reliable study content accessible to doctors across the country. While we could just update the content, we chose to make your learning experience better than ever before because we know that the NEET SS preparation is not an ordinary journey. And your extraordinary flight deserves the best take-off!

When passion meets the perfect study content, your dream Super Speciality branch seems closer than ever before. And this laid the foundation for the making of NEET SS 2.0.

NEET SS medicine elite plan

NEET SS 2.0- Restructured, Revamped, and Revised

Video Lectures

The educators at PrepLadder are known to make the most challenging lessons seem easy, and this is what makes them the Dream Team. Video lectures by a brilliant group of experienced mentors await you on the updated version of the app. The lectures are based on the latest exam pattern and help you enhance your conceptual understanding of a given topic. If the books authored by the intellectuals like Harrison, Sabiston, Nelson have been your study companions all these years, you are going to love the video lectures, as these will only strengthen your companionship.

Every minute spent watching these videos to learn is a minute well-utilized. The right information delivered in just the right amount of time! And isn't this what you look for in the lectures while preparing for the exam?

NEET SS Notes Based On The Video Lectures

Do you wish to have all the relevant information enlisted methodically so that you are not bound to read the entire thing time and again? 

When you have so much to learn and retain, it becomes crucial to have notes that are concise, well-structured, and help you revise effectively.  

The NEET SS 2.0 notes have every quality to qualify as your perfect companion during the preparation as:

  • They are colored and contain high-quality images because we refuse to compromise on quality!
  • They cover topics in a systematic fashion, including flowcharts, mind maps, tables, etc., to help you revise like never before!
  • These notes not only contain the relevant information on every important topic but also have previous years' questions. 

If you are one of those learners who prefer having access to the hard copy of notes so that you can use your highlighters and study just like you have been doing all these years, we have got you covered. Not just that, you also get the hard copy of Notes for FREE of cost (Read The Early Bird Offer to learn more about this.)

High-Yielding QBank 

An ideal question bank does not reflect biases towards any topic and covers everything, has thousands of questions so that no matter how regularly you practice, you always have abundant questions to practice, including questions from the previous years' exams. The NEET SS 2.0 question bank checks off every requirement to be the ideal question bank and offers much more because you deserve better than ideal; you deserve perfection. 

It's not just about the impressive numbers, but also their relevance from the examination point of view as all the questions are handpicked by the Dream Team

The best part? You can customize and make your own question bank based on the subject, topic, number of questions, difficulty level, specific tags, and types of questions.

To learn more about the custom module, click here.


The NEET SS 2.0 mock tests:

  • Mimic the latest exam pattern,
  • Cover all the topics of every exam,
  • Challenge you just as required,
  • Allow you to analyze your performance through detailed performance analytics, and
  • Clear your doubts right after the test.

These tests have been planned and developed, considering the importance of having accurate resources to practice. The more you practice with a reliable resource, the closer you get to your preferred Super Specialty branch with every test you take.

The Early Bird Offer

Everything you have read so far gives you an idea of all the goodness that awaits you in the NEET SS 2.0, brought to existence to match your passion for aiming high.

Now imagine getting all this and much more at an unbelievable price along with two months' additional validity and the FREE hard copy of notes! Doesn't this sound like the perfect Christmas/New Year gift and, in fact, the best gift ever?

And it can be all yours if you are quick enough to avail Early Bird Offer, which will be live on 10th December. 

Following the purchase of the NEET SS 2.0 Dream Pack, you get access to version 1, and it will be automatically upgraded to the updated version on 11th January.

If you are all set to make the most of India's best NEET SS study content at a price that is too amazing to be true, you should not wait any further as the registrations have begun already!

Register Now.

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