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NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern Changed

Feb 02, 2018

After receiving healthy suggestions, arguments & views from all the concerned, MOHFW has finally come to a conclusion and has changed the exam pattern of NEET SS 2018. According to the recent notification from NBE, the following scheme for NEET-SS 2018 is hereby notified.
  • NEET-SS 2018 will be conducted on a computer based platform in June 2018 in a single session.
  • A candidate is given an option to select a maximum of 2 specialty courses for which his/her broad specialty qualification is eligible at the time of online submission of application form.
  • Pattern of examination
Subjects Weightage
Questions from the feeder broad specialty 40%
Super specialty course selected by the candidate 60%
  • It might be possible that NBE may club certain super specialties in which less number of seats are offered.
Note: For further details regarding number of questions, tie-breaking, duration of exam etc., shall be notified in due course. For Official Notification- Click Here For Official Website- Click Here

Which Specialty Courses can you enroll in?

The following table shows the prior requirement for the for the specialty courses you wish to enroll in:
Specialty courses Prior Requirement as per PG Medical Educational Regulation, 2000 notified by MCI
Clinical Haematology (Updated) MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/ DNB (Paediatrics) MD/DNB (Biochemistry) MD/DNB (Pathology)
Pulmonary Medicine MD/DNB (General Medicine) MD/ DNB (Paediatrics) MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
Nephrology MD/DNB (General Medicine) MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Neonatology MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Medical Oncology MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/DNB (Paediatrics) MS/DNB (Radiotherapy)
Gastroenterology MD/ DNB (General Medicine)
Cardiology MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/ DNB (Pediatrics) MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
Neurology MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/DNB (Pediatrics)
Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/ DNB (Pediatrics)
Endocrinology (Updated) MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/DNB (Pediatrics)
Critical Care Medicine MD/ DNB (Emergency Medicine) MD/ DNB (General Medicine) MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine) MD/DNB (Anaesthesia) MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
Medical Genetics* MD/DNB (General Medicine) MD/MS/DNB (Obs & Gynae) MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
Hepatology MD/DNB (General Medicine) MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Pediatric Gastroenterology MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Pediatric Cardiology MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Paediatric Nephrology* MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Paediatric Oncology* MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Paediatric Hepatology* MD/ DNB (Paediatrics)
Infectious Disease MD/DNB (General Medicine) MD/DNB (Paediatrics) MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine) MD (Tropical Medicine)
Hand Surgery MS/ DNB (General Surgery) MS/DNB (Orthpaedics) MCh/DNB (Plastic Surgery)
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
HepatoPancreato Biliary Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Urology/ Genito-Urinary Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Endocrine Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Vascular Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Neuro Suregry MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Paediatric Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Surgical Gastroenterology/ G.I Surgery MS/ DNB (General Surgery)
Surgical Oncology MS/DNB (General Surgery) MS/DNB (ENT) MS/DNB (Orthopaedics) MD/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)
Cardiac Anaesthesia MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry MD/ DNB (Psychiatry)
Clinical Pharmacology MD/ DNB (Pharmacology)
Head and Neck Surgery MS/DNB (ENT) MS/DNB( General Surgery)
Paediatric & Neonatal Anaesthesia* MD/ DNB (Anaesthesia)
Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical Care* MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
Interventional Radiology MD/DNB Radio-Diagnosis)
Virology* MD/DNB (Microbiology)
Geriatric Mental Health* MD/DNB (General Medicine) MD/DNB (Psychiatry)
Neuro Radiology* MD/ DNB (Radio-Diagnosis)
Onco-Pathology MD/DNB (Pathology)
Paediatric Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery* MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Reproductive Medicine & Surgery* MD/MS/DNB (Obst. & Gynae) MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Thoracic Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
Urology/ Genito-Urinary Surgery MS/DNB (General Surgery)
 *Prior entry requirement subject to final decision to be taken by MCI in this regard For more updates… Keep following PrepLadder..!!!
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