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NEET SS 2023 Exam Analysis

Oct 03, 2023

NEET SS Exam Analysis

NEET SS 2023 was just conducted on 29th and 30th September 2023 by the National Board of Examination. Now that the exam has been successfully concluded, it's time for exam analysis.

In the article below, you'll read a detailed NEET SS exam analysis as we conducted a survey wherein we asked candidates about various aspects of this year's NEET SS examination.

Navigate further to know about the difficulty level of the exam, the types of questions asked, and most importantly, the new exam pattern.

NEET SS medicine elite plan

NEET SS 2023 Detailed Exam Analysis

Overall Difficulty Level of the Exam

According to 57.6 % of the candidates who filled our survey, the NEET SS 2023 exam was moderately difficult. At the same time, 37.6% aspirants found it to be on the difficult side.

NEET SS 2023

Preferred Group

Among our surveyors, 42.4% aspirants chose Medicine as their preferred specialty while 32.9% opted for Pediatrics. Third most preferred group was Surgery, which was opted by 22.1% of aspirants.

General Pattern of Questions

NEET SS 2023 exam constituted a mixed bag of questions, including one liners, clinical and concept based questions. As per our aspirants -

  • 48.8% of the questions were clinical questions
  • 34.9% of the questions were concept based
  • 16.3% of the questions were one liners
NEET SS 2023

Number of Questions Attempted by Candidates

Out of the total 150 questions, the survey revealed that 90.7% of students attempted 125-150 questions, while 8.1% chose to attempt 100-125 questions.

NEET SS 2023

Time Allotted

Effective time management is a vital factor when it comes to taking competitive exams. In our survey of NEET SS aspirants, we inquired about their opinion on the adequacy of the allocated time for the test.

A significant 72.1% of the students expressed that the provided time was ample, enabling them to successfully complete the test within the allotted timeframe.

On the other hand, 27.9% of the students believed that the allotted time was insufficient to fully complete the test.

NEET SS 2023

How were Difficult Questions Framed?

Our survey revealed that majority of aspirants found the NEET SS 2023 exam to be moderate in difficulty. However, we wanted to understand how the difficult questions were framed. Here's what our students revealed -

  • 65.1% were easy questions with difficult options
  • 30.2% were difficult clinical scenario based questions
  • 4.7% were unheard of one liners
NEET SS 2023

Specific Strategies Employed by Students

For those aspiring to qualify the next NEET SS exam, here are some strategies used by our aspirants -

NEET SS 2023
NEET SS 2023
NEET SS 2023

About NEET SS Grand Test by PrepLadder

We conducted Mandatory Mock Tests before the NEET SS exam so that students could have a chance to gauge their preparation and get to understand the exam pattern better. And 80.2% aspirants admitted that attempting the Grand Tests helped with their exam preparation.

Opinion on Change of NEET SS Exam Pattern

62.8% candidates found the updated NEET SS exam pattern to be harder than the previous one.

37.2% candidates found the latest exam pattern to be simpler as compared to the previous one.

NEET SS 2023

Overall Exam Experience

Here's what our aspirants had to say about their overall exam experience -

NEET SS 2023
NEET SS 2023
NEET SS 2023
NEET SS 2023

We hope you found this NEET SS exam analysis helpful and will be able to use the insights to improve your exam preparation. Also, below you can find a detailed exam analysis for NEET SS 2022 exam.

NEET SS 2022 Exam Analysis

NEET SS 2022 was just conducted on 2nd September 2022 by the NBE. It was the first time the updated exam pattern was implemented, and most of the candidates were overwhelmed thinking about what to expect in the exam. Read this blog further for a detailed exam analysis.

The Overall Difficulty of the Exam

60.8% of candidates found the exam to be Moderate.

30.1% felt the exam was difficult. 

Whereas only 9.1% of candidates felt the exam was easy.

NEET SS 2022

General Pattern of the Questions

As per the survey and exam analysis:

34.3% of questions were clinical.

26% were concepts based. 

And 39.7% were One-Liners.

NEET SS 2022

What Did the Candidates say About the Questions?

NEET SS 2022

Number of Questions Attempted by the Candidates

There were 150 questions in total. As per the survey, most students 83.1% attempted 125-150 questions, 15.3% attempted 100-125 questions, and 1% attempted 70-100 questions.

NEET SS 2022

Time Allotted

Time management play a crucial role while writing any competitive exam. We asked the NEET SS aspirants if the time allotted to complete the test was enough or not!

87.3% of the students said that the time allotted was sufficient, and they could finish the test in the stipulated time. 

Whereas, 12.7% of the students felt that the time allotted was not enough to complete the test. 

NEET SS 2022

Difficulty Level of the Questions

22.6 % of the candidates found the clinical scenarios difficult. 

51.3% of the candidates felt that the questions were easy, however, they had confusing options. 

26.1% of the candidates said that they came across one-liner questions that they had never heard before. 

NEET SS 2022

Specific Strategies Employed by Some Students

NEET SS 2022

Change in the NEET SS Exam Pattern. Simpler or Harder?

53.8% of the candidates found the change in the NEET SS exam pattern harder.

And, 46.2% of the candidates found the updated NEET SS exam pattern more simpler.

NEET SS 2022

Overall Exam Experience

NEET SS 2022
NEET SS 2022

We take immense pride that many questions were direct repeats from our study material. 69.3% of the candidates said that they benefitted from the NEET SS Grand Test by PrepLadder.

This motivates us to raise the bar and come up with more innovative ways to make your NEET SS preparation as simple as possible. We will soon come up with NEET SS 2022 recall videos. Stay tuned!

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