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5 Pro Tips To Unleash Peak Performance In NEET-SS Exam

Aug 18, 2023

5 Pro Tips To Unleash Peak Performance In NEET-SS Exam

Everyone knows that practicing mock tests is a crucial part of NEET-SS preparation, but most students fail to unlock the full benefits of practicing mock tests. 

Why? Because most of them miss on one very important factor. Keep reading to know what it is. 

Mock tests can help your performance shoot through the roof, if done the right way. It is simply not enough to practice. You have do it under the right conditions. 

And in this blog post, we shall show you how. 

The NEET-SS exam is less than a month away and now is the best time to optimize your preparation by practicing mock tests the right way. 

Let’s begin.

Mock test Neet ss

Unlock Peak Performance With Mock Tests - Simulate Exam Conditions

Simulating the exact environment of the actual exam entails keep all conditions the same. This includes the time of day, a similar environment and most importantly honestly attempting the exam like it is the actual one. 

When you manage to mimic all the conditions of the exam, it helps you recreate the exam-psychology at home. Exam-psychology here refers to the state of mind you are in when you are sitting for an exam.

This means that you will be able to attempt the mock tests in the same state of mind you have while writing the real NEET-SS exam. 

However, creating the perfect exam atmosphere involves more than just ticking boxes. It's about transporting yourself mentally, and that's where the real magic happens. Dive into these tips to experience the full power of mock tests right from home.

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Here are 5 tips on simulating exam-time psychology successfully at home:

Replicate the exact schedule you would follow on the day of the exam.

If you would wake up early on the exam day, do that everyday from here on. Take your breaks at the same time and go to bed at the same time you would go on the night before the exam. 

Eliminate all distractions.

Trade your comfort zone for a focused zone. Swap your bed for a desk, kick gadgets out, and reclaim your focus. Create an exam-like ambiance that primes your mind for success.

Sit at a desk, not the bed. Keep your TV, Laptop and your phone away from yourself. Sitting at a table represents the type of environment you have been trained to be focussed in since childhood so take advantage of it. 

Apply the ‘Testing Effect’

If you are not attempting a mock test, try to recall information you studied about a particular topic of write it down as you recall. You can use flashcards if necessary. Actively recalling information will power up your long term memory and help you remember quickly on the day of the actual exam. This is referred to as the Testing Effect which suggests that long term memory is increased when part of studying involves active recall. 

Practice with the same level of questions.

Match your mock test questions to the real deal. PrepLadder's QBank provides the precise practice you need, whether it's complexity, IBQs, or clinical-based questions. Nail your practice to nail the exam.

Pracitce at the same time as the actual exam.

This is a hack that most students miss out on. Set the clock right. Practice when the actual exam takes place. Your mind will naturally synchronize, giving you an advantage. On the day of the exam, you will automatically be in the best possible state of mind to perform your best. 

Remember, success isn't accidental. Follow these tips diligently and you will notice a marked improvement in your preparation and ultimately, your performance in the exam. 

The super speciality exam has become more clinical than before but do not let that make you nervous. You have already studied everything so there is no need to panic. Just review everything carefully and focus on the process. 

And train yourself to keep calm. A calm mind always performs better. 

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All the best.

Team PrepLadder.

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