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Last 40-day study plan for NEET-SS Medicine

Jul 24, 2023

last 40 days study plan for NEET SS medicine

Well-prepared? Just started? Didn’t study Gen. Med. in PG? No worries. Here’s a how-to-prepare guide for NEET- SS Medicine to solve all your problems. 

Pump up your NEET-SS Medicine preparation in the last 40 days before the exam by following the strategy given in this blog post. 

Even though the official dates for the NEET-SS 2023 exam have not been officially announced on the National Board of Examination’s website, the exam is most likely to be held in the month of September this year. 

According to that estimation, that leaves candidates like you with barely one and a half months, or close to 40 days, to finish your exam preparation. 

However, that’s not a problem! Because we have a proven-effective strategy to boost your SS Medicine preparation in just 40 days and give you the best chance of success in the exam. 

More importantly, we have two different study strategies according to the type of aspirants. Whether you’ve studied, half-prepared or not studied at all, we have a study strategy built for you wherein we will focus especially on Harrison’s 21st edition. This is because a lot of questions are direct repeats from it and it is a favourite of NEET-SS paper setters.  

So, let’s begin. 

Mock test Neet ss

Last 40 Days Study Strategy For NEET-SS Medicine Aspirants

In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss varying study strategies that you can use. 

The study strategies are divided according to:

  • The speciality you have studied in post-graduation (General Medicine or other).
  • The stage of preparation you are in (well-prepared, half-prepared or not started).

Choose the most appropriate strategy according to your needs.

For people with general medicine background 

If you are from the general medicine background or have atleast studied general medicine during your post graduate days you will fall into either of the three categories:

Already well prepared or mostly done with your studies - 

If you are already well prepared the only thing left is to get exam-ready. Revise the latest updates as given in Harrison’s 21st edition and practice solving as many MCQs as you can. 

This way you can test your knowledge, identify your deficiencies and strengthen your preparation even more.

Those who are halfway through their preparation - 

In the first 20 days try to finish off everything that is left. Go through to the 21st edition updates to make sure you have not missed any. 

Utilize the remaining 20 days for only MCQ solving. Try to solve at least 40-50 MCQs every day until you reach close to solving 100 MCQs daily. 

For those who have just begun preparing:

If you have just begun preparing or are among those who just want to attempt the NEET-SS paper and see what it is like, here is the strategy to get the best out of your attempt. 

In the first 20 days, finish off all the tabular columns, flowcharts and figures from Harrison’s. Start solving MCQs so that you can at least identify the most recurring or important topics.  

In the remaining 20 days, solve as many MCQs as you can starting with 40-50 mcqs per day until you reach close to 100 mcqs per day. Solidify your knowledge gained during this time. 

That is it. The above paragraphs include a simple yet effective strategy for those aspirants who are from the general medicine background. 

For people with non general medicine background

There will be many aspirants from other specialities attempting the NEET-SS exam for general medicine. 

Among them, there will be students who have had exposure to general medicine or studied general medicine in their PG days. 

On the other hand, there will be students who have not read general medicine in their PG days. 

For example, students from other specialities like pediatrics, pulmonary medicine, anesthesia or emergency medicine might not be well-acquainted with general medicine.  

All of these aspirants, who are eligible to apply for the general medicine exam, will be tested on the same level as an aspirant who has studied general medicine during their PG days. 

If you are an aspirant from a different speciality aiming for the NEET-SS general medicine exam, follow the strategy given in the paragraphs below. 

Study strategy for non general medicine specialities  

Divide the remaining syllabus into three parts. Segregate them into topics you are aware of, topics you are only half aware of and finally those topics you haven't started yet

As per the different specialties, the topics falling in these three sections will differ. For example, if you’re an anaesthesiologist you will be aware of cardiac and pulmonary sciences and only half aware of topics like Nephro, Hepatic and GA. Finally, topics like Rheumatology might be unfamiliar to you because anesthetists seldom deal with such cases. 

Of course, you will posses the category-specific knowledge, in this case the anaesthelogical implications. But you might be shaky on the general medicine part because it is not part of your PG syllabus. 

In such cases, follow the strategy given below: 

Split the remaining 40 days into 3 parts.  

In the first 20 days, finish off topics that you have already prepared well. This will help you get into the momentum you need. 

In the next 10 days, start with the topics you are not familiar with. To identify key topics, solve as many MCQs as you can and study them from Harrison’s.

In the final 8-10 days, tackle those topics you are half familiar with since you will not require much time for them. Divide your time accordingly so that you are able to solve as many MCQs in between as possible. 

And that is it! This is the 40-day study strategy that you can use to boost your NEET-SS Medicine preparation. 

Follow the strategy given above, put in your genuine effort, and you will surely ace your NEET SS preparation.

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Hope you found this post helpful! Keep following our blog to read more informative and interesting blog posts like ‘40-Day Preparation Plan for NEET-SS Medicine.

All the best!

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