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NEET-SS 2021: 70 Days Preparation Plan

Nov 01, 2021

NEET-SS 2021: 70 Days Preparation Plan

More often than not, how you finish an important race makes all the difference. Considering the significance of concluding your NEET-SS preparation journey well, Dr. Santosh M. Patil, an essential part of the Dream Team, has made an effective plan to help you use the remaining days in the best possible way. When you type the question - “How to crack the NEET-SS in two months?” a good number of results may appear. However, most of those may fail to serve the actual purpose of providing you with an exact plan that considers every important factor. 

The good news is that you have arrived at the right place because here, there is no room for disappointment; in fact, this is where you get exactly what you seek.

Section-wise preparation strategies along with an effective plan for the remaining 70 days await you, so let’s get started!

NEET SS medicine elite plan

NEET-SS Paper-A Preparation Strategy

Your strategy for Paper-A will act as an essential determinant in deciding the path of your future journey. If you are looking for the perfect strategy for nailing the exam, it’s time to take that off your plate because we have a plan that covers every aspect!

Paper A: Total Number of Questions- 40
Most Probable Distribution 

Internal Medicine30/40
Respiratory Medicine3/40

Dr. Santosh M. Patil researched and analyzed multiple exam papers and concluded that for most of the specialties (Cardiology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology), 75% of the paper A tests your knowledge of General Medicine.

Also, you can attempt 83% of the questions based on Respiratory Medicine and 66% of the questions based on Paediatrics if you study Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine thoroughly.

You need to constantly work on enhancing your knowledge of Adult Medicine and revising the concepts because it will help you ace Paper A. 

Internal Medicine: Most Probable Distribution

NEET-PG Level23/32
Core SS Level9/32

A large majority of the questions based on Internal Medicine may not seem too challenging or complex if your revision is on point. The difficulty level of such questions is almost the same as that of the questions that appear in the NEET-PG.  

Now, if the remaining questions give you jitters and keep you awake in the middle of the night, we have a plan that will make you feel relieved.

Dr. Santosh has concluded that most of the core SS questions are asked from the areas/topics that many aspirants tend to overlook. It manages to convince them that this category of questions is too strenuous to deal with. But we have the map that leads to the treasure box of the sections you must not miss:

Harrison’s Tables/Flowcharts/Images
Updated Guidelines
Harrison’s Statements
Infectious Diseases
Ignored Sections
-The First Few Topics in Harrison’s

It has been noted that the questions that are rated as ‘very difficult’ are from these sections. And if you ensure that you don’t miss these, your opinions will strongly differ from those who rate core SS questions too difficult.

At this stage of your preparation, if you take care of the following points, your dream rank won’t seem too far:

  • Refrain from studying everything all over again. If there are specific topics you need conceptual understanding for, trust PrepLadder’s video content to take care of that.
  • Complete the pending chapters before you start revision.
  • Appear for exam-relevant mock tests.
  • Solve as many MCQs as you can!

NEET-SS Paper-B Preparation Strategy

You can master the art of nailing the second part if you understand the most probable distribution of the questions and take into account the points crucial to this phase of the preparation.

Paper B: Total Number of Questions- 60
Most Probable Distribution 

Category 1The number of questions that can be answered by thoroughly reading Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine46/60
Category 2The number of questions that can be answered through core SS reading14/60

Category 1 Questions of Paper-B
Difficulty Level
(Most probable distribution)

NEET-PG Level30/46
SS Level16/46

You can master the art of nailing the second part if you understand the most probable distribution of the questions and take into account the points crucial to this phase of the preparation.

It is understandable that the second category of questions can manage to stress you out. However, if you are aware of the apt sources of information, you won’t miss out on anything important- neither during the preparation nor during the examination.

  • Make sure that you complete all the tables from SS books.
  • Don’t forget to read and revise the latest stats and guidelines for important disorders.
  • Practice as many MCQs as possible- there is no alternative to practicing as much as you can!

Preparation Plan For The Last 70 Days

Clinical Medicine3
Geriatrics 1
Infectious Diseases5
Critical Care Medicine1
Pulmonary Medicine2
Hardcore Revision Remaining Days

Ideal Schedule (Everyday)

Total time to be devoted8 Hours (minimum)
For Medicine/Paediatrics/ Other Feeder Specialities3-3.5 Hours
For SS4.5-5 Hours
Number of tables/flowcharts to be studied everyday

This plan is the companion that will help you cover the last miles better than your imaginations, guiding you through thick and thin to help you excel.

Watch this video for better understanding:

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