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NEET-SS: Common Mistakes Made During The Exam

Nov 11, 2021

NEET-SS: Common mistakes made during the exam

It’s rarely about the guilt of not knowing it all; the regret that has the potential to dishearten you is the one about making avoidable mistakes. Your NEET-SS preparation will lead you to the winning podium only if the virtual trap of common mistakes does not act as a mighty obstacle. 

We want you to experience the bliss of putting your best foot forward on the examination day. So, we have compiled a list of common mistakes made by doctors while appearing for the NEET-SS. Dr. Sandeep Sharma, an essential part of the Dream Team, shed light on the common errors that can be conveniently avoided if an aspirant pays attention in one of his YouTube Live sessions. And we decided to give you the list you seek so that you don’t have to make one!

NEET-SS: Don’t let a set of trivial things make a huge (undesirable) impact!

Mental Turbulence

It is inevitable to be nervous before one of the most crucial examinations of your life. However, your apprehension and stress must not get the power to lead you to silly mistakes.

Some reminders can serve as effective sources of motivation. For example, when you get too lost in the world you have confined yourself in, during your preparation, you must remind yourself that you have completed your post-graduation, that you have been working hard on becoming an expert of your broad specialty subject for over three years, and that you have got this!

We can’t deny that you are used to appearing for subjective-type examinations. But you have nailed the entrance exams before, and you are going to do it again!

Rushing to Complete the Exam

Haste favors errors and significantly increases the chances of slipups. Not reading the entire question may save you some time, but it will cost you five marks! 

So, take a deep breath, read every question carefully, and think before you mark the answer. One must not get stuck at any point as a consequence of unrequired attachment to a particular question. But, one also should not attempt the exam hastily. 

Translating a tricky question in your native language can be beneficial in understanding the examiner’s point of view. You must know what works for you the best, and you must always know what can throw you off-track.

Read it all and read it well!

Underestimating Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the exam is not believing in yourself, your strategies, and your ability to make it large. You should know one thing for a fact that whichever question you are struggling with, and whatever is making you sweat with anxiety, most likely has the same impact on other aspirants as well. Having the right amount of confidence in yourself can be a real game-changer!

So, no matter how hard the battle gets, believe in your strength to emerge out victorious!

Missing the Keywords 

For example, one of the question statements read as: 

A Palpable non-blanching rash is seen in all of the following except ( followed by four options). Here, it is important to note that All and Except are the keywords you can’t miss because if you overlook All and Except, you will end up choosing the incorrect option. About 5% of the total number of questions will require you to look out for the keywords like All, None. All Except, and None Except. Remember, sometimes, a word or a phrase can make all the difference!

Overestimating the Difficulty Level of the NEET-SS

NEET-SS is not a very difficult exam. Now, it is natural for you not to believe us, assuming that is easier for us to say. But we are merely repeating the facts stated by the experts. More often than not, it is about training your mind right. If you step into the examination hall knowing that it is not an arduous journey, you will realize that you can easily answer 50% of the questions correctly.

On the contrary, if you are convinced that every question is atypical, you waste your time looking for hidden meanings that don’t exist!

So, don’t be surprised if the questions seem familiar and/or easy. It’s a consequence of your hard work, so embrace it with confidence!

Having said this, you can come across the surprises you were least expecting. But those questions will take most of the aspirants by surprise because you are not alone in this!

Afraid to Make Intelligent Guesses

Taking risks can lead to you paying the price you can’t afford. However, taking calculated risks can be instrumental in ensuring success. For example, guessing the half-life of a drug may make you regret it later. But making intelligent guesses based on your existing knowledge of the options you can rule out, is a risk worth taking. 

You should attempt as many questions as possible because most of the NEET-SS toppers attempt 90% of the questions. Attempting more questions may need you to take a few risks. So, make sure that the risks you take are based on your knowledge and intelligent analysis.

Forgetting How Far You Have Come and What Awaits You After NEET-SS

You became eligible to dream about Super Speciality after having appeared for several tests and examinations. You have checked most of the academic challenges off your list, and you have done it all remarkably well.

And the best? This most likely is the last entrance exam you will ever have to appear for. So, why not put your best foot forward for the final lap?

Don’t let these mistakes rob you of the joy you deserve and the success you have been working so hard for. Defeat the challenges, train yourself to escape the trap of silly mistakes, and get ready to embrace the happiness that awaits you at the end of the journey.

All the best!

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