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NEET SS: How To Get A Good Rank By Avoiding The Common Mistakes

Feb 17, 2022

NEET SS: Avoid the common mistakes

Your performance in NEET SS 2022 and everything that you do in those few hours will be a product of months and years of sincere hard work and the effectiveness of the strategies you employ. Every mark counts, and therefore, every lesson, every decision, and every day plays a pivotal role in determining your future. 

When you eliminate the trap of common mistakes from your preparation journey, your chances of giving a stupendous performance increase, and the result does the talking. So, we decided to make you aware of the mistakes you can make during the preparation and while appearing for the exam. Here's your chance of ensuring that your hard work yields a fruitful outcome by avoiding the commonly committed mistakes.

NEET SS medicine elite plan

Time management during NEET SS preparation

It's common for aspirants to get carried away and let their fear of or fondness for a given topic or section impact the preparation plan. Time management is equally essential during the preparatory days as during the exam. The foundation of your timetable should be laid by the fact that every question in the exam carries equal weightage. Therefore, plan your schedule efficiently.

Read instructions carefully

It may sound like an unnecessary point in the article addressed to some of the country's most intellectual and brilliant minds. However, when apprehension or anxiety takes over, we overlook the simplest things. Before you start reading the questions, read the instructions carefully.

One NEET SS question = One minute

As stated earlier, every question carries the same number of marks. It is crucial not to spend a lot of time thinking about the answer. If the options baffle you too much or you don't know the answer at all, you should move on to the next question.

Pay attention to every question.

You will come across questions based on the same topics as asked in the previous years' question papers. However, it is imperative to understand that repetition of a topic does not equal the repetition of the question. You are required to read every question carefully and pay attention to phrases like 'all except'. 

After reading the question, the first option may seem like the correct answer, and it could be. However, the second and third options may also be right. And the fourth option could be 'all of the above'. In this case, despite being technically correct, the first option is not the right choice. Sometimes the correct answer meets your eyes before you check all the options, and you feel this urge to mark it instantly. But there could be an answer better than the one you chose, and this little mistake can cost you a lot.

Self-belief >>> Underestimation 

When you lack faith in your preparation and abilities, you tend to attempt less than you should in the exam. You have been studying for years, and therefore, you should not forget that you understand the subject despite having not covered the given topic recently. So, believe in your journey, your potential, and just go for it!

Wild NEET SS guesses are the real enemies.

Yes, it would be best not to doubt your caliber and ability, but you must not randomly pick options by using your lucky mantra. If you can't answer a question by logic or understanding, and the options seem too confusing to help you conclude anything significant in the allotted time, leave the question unanswered because negative marking is an essential aspect of the exam.

Everyday counts

When you chose to study medical sciences in the 11th grade, that's when you began your journey. Ever since then, you have given multiple entrance tests, and you have appeared for many exams over the years. So, your hard work of years has brought you to the point where you are eligible to appear for the NEET SS. No one knows this better than you that consistency, willpower, regularity, and perseverance matter as much as your skills and knowledge. Therefore, work towards your big goal and do it every day.

Dr. Alisha Babbar secured the second rank in the INI SS 2021 in DM Pediatric Gastroenterology and took out the time to share the tips, which, if implemented well, can help you own your big dreams.

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