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Head Injury : Introduction, Fractures of Brain, Management of Fractures

Nov 1, 2023

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Introduction Of Fracture

Fractures of the Brain

Management of Fractures

Anterior Cranial Fossa Fracture

CSF Rhinorrhoea

Differential Diagnosis:

Subconjunctival Hematoma

Middle Cranial Fossa Fracture

CSF Otorrhea

Posterior Cranial Fossa Fracture

Base of Skull Fracture

Glasgow Coma Scale

Minor and Mild Head Injuries

Lucid interval

Indications for a CT Scan Within 1 Hour:

Indications for a CT Scan Within 8 Hours

Minor & Mild Head Injury 


Second Impact Syndrome

Post-concussive Syndrome

Moderate & Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Primary Survey

Secondary Survey

Types of Injury


Extradural Hematoma (EDH)



Investigation of choice

Surgical management of Extradural Hematoma

Burr hole

Prognosis of Epidural Hematoma (EDH)

Subdural Hematoma (SDH)

Features of SDH

IOC for Acute SDH

Chronic SDH

Management of Acute SDH


SAH (SubArachnoid Haemorrhage)

Diffuse Axonal Injury

Important Questions

Q. What is the function of the emissary vein?

Q. Where are Mattress sutures or interlocking sutures preferred?

Q. Define linear fracture?

Q. Explain depressed bone fracture.

Q. How is Closed linear fracture managed?

Q. How is a depressed skull fracture managed?

Q. Where can the handkerchief sign be seen?

Q. What is the confirmatory test for CSF rhinorrhoea?

Q. Define raccoon eyes.

Q. Battle sign is the symptom of-

Q. Define the term “hemotympanum.”

Q. Define Vernet syndrome.

Q. Glasgow coma scale is used for-

Q. What is the best predictor for neurological outcome?

Q. Define Lucid interval.

Q. What are the Indications for a CT scan within 1 hour:

Q. Define dysfunctional gaze paresis.

Q. Priapism is a strong indicator of-

HEAD INJURY : Introduction, Fractures of Brain, Management of Fractures
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