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7 Essential Qualities of a Successful Surgeon

May 23, 2023

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7 Essential Qualities Of A Successful Surgeon

Your hand-eye coordination is impeccable.

You are quick to adapt to any situation

Stamina is your middle name

You are a team player

Leadership comes naturally to you

You are a life-long learner

Seeing immediate results motivates you

7 essential qualities of a surgeon

Nurse, please hand me those forceps and play Hotel California by the Eagles. Let’s begin.

This is one of the coolest things about working in the OT as a surgeon. Usually, surgeons work with music. It increases cooperation, reduces anxiety levels and improves efficiency. (Do you also do this? What’s your favourite OT music?) 

However, being a good surgeon takes more than knowing good music. This goes beyond theory and preparing for the subject. Even if your SS surgery preparation is perfect, there are other qualities you need to inculcate.  

In this post, we are going to learn about the 7 hallmark traits of a good surgeon. Although there are many different types of surgeons out there, all of them tend to have a few common characteristics.  

So read till the end and find out what it takes to be a top-notch surgeon in your field.

7 Essential Qualities Of A Successful Surgeon

You can become an excellent surgeon if…

Your hand-eye coordination is impeccable.

Fine motor skills are one of the hallmark traits of a great surgeon. The inside of the human body is delicate and intricate.

Because of this complexity, even when performing operations with equipment, a surgeon’s hand movements need to be meticulous and controlled.

Although some hand-eye coordination depends on natural ability, it can be improved and perfected with adequate practice.

Activities outside the medical realm can also help. For example, learning a martial art or playing an instrument are excellent ways to improve in this area.

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You are quick to adapt to any situation

One of the hardest things about being a surgeon is not having a definite schedule. Therefore, to be the top in your field, you must be willing to adapt to any situation. This also holds true for activities outside the OT.

Surgeries do not always go according to plan, and in such situations, the surgeon must be prepared to take decisions at a moment's notice.

Stamina is your middle name

If the Olympics held a ‘standing-for-a-long-time’ event, surgeons would bring home the gold!

Given the unpredictable nature of the surgery, you might have to stand on your feet for hours and even miss a few meals sometimes. This is why it is important for surgeons to have physical stamina.

For example, look at the picture below. This is an image of a Chinese doctor, Luo Heng, that went viral in 2017. This shows how exhausting surgeries can be. Can you also relate to this?

Source: CGTN, Beijing/Facebook.

Along with physical endurance, mental endurance is equally important. Surgeries can go on for long durations, and you must remain focused without letting your mind wander.

Surgeons in the OT remain in an incredibly focussed state and perform in a high-stakes environment.

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You are a team player

A surgeon cannot perform his or her job without the help of others. Surgeons need to interact with other members of the medical team frequently before, during and after the surgery.

Look at the image below. Here’s what a typical OT looks like. Look at the number of people involved. Performing a successful surgery without good communication is going to be incredibly challenging.

Source: Wikipedia

As a surgeon, you must also be able to talk to patients effectively. Patients will not enjoy a good outcome if there is no proper follow-up care.

Leadership comes naturally to you

As a surgeon, you are the leader in the operating room.

Surgery always involves a robust care team. In case of a major operation, the lineup can include surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, technicians and nurses, among others.

However, there always needs to be one clear captain in the team who is capable of making all the decisions and accurately assessing the strengths and weaknesses of every team member.

You are a life-long learner

The medical field is continually evolving, and as a surgeon, you need to update yourself on the latest techniques, medical technologies and evolving research in the field.

If you get comfortable and refuse to learn, you will get left behind and possibly end up making fatal mistakes in the OT.

As a surgeon, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest medical developments across the globe, which is why we come up with a Medical News Bulletin every week. Check out the latest Edition 18 of the Medical News Bulletin.

Seeing immediate results motivates you

Surgery is a field where you see noticeable improvements in your patients within a short time.

For many other physicians, seeing change can take a long time. In fact, many physicians actively work to prevent health issues in the first place.

It is immensely satisfying when you perform surgery, fix the problem, and put the patient back together in a better state of health. Most of the time, the results are immediate.

And that is it! These are the 7 essential qualities you must have to be a top-notch surgeon in your field.  

Since you have opted for surgery in your PG, you obviously love the subject and are willing to put in the effort. But to become a top doctor in your field, you must have the qualities listed above.

Being a leader, working with others, and adapting to situations are absolutely essential qualities, among others listed above.

Becoming an SS surgeon will be extremely rewarding when you inculcate these qualities.

If you think you already have all the above qualities, then great job! Now all you need to do is ace your NEET SS preparation.

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All the best!

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