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Medical News Bulletin Edition 18

May 21, 2023

Medical News Bulletin Edition 18

Welcome to the 18th edition of the Medical News Bulletin. In this edition, you will discover how medical technology has disrupted the healthcare system and led to new possibilities in treatment. 

Medical news bulletin is the number one source for you to catch up on the latest developments in the medical world and make more informed decisions going forward in your career. 

In this edition, you will read about a revolutionary discovery that could lead to improved treatments for brain cancer patients, how AI can bridge the gaps in mental health care and how technology might lead to new career possibilities for medical professionals. 

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Revolutionary Discovery Offers Hope to Brain Cancer Patients

A team of scientists at the San Francisco Medical Centre, University of California, have discovered a pathbreaking finding that could mean renewed hope for patients suffering from glioblastoma, considered the most fatal among adult brain cancers. 

The team, led by an Indian named Saritha Krishna, found that cancerous cells link up with healthy brain cells to become hyperactive and lead to speedy cognitive loss and death. They also discovered that a commonly used anti-seizure drug was effective in reducing the hyperactivity of the cells and also stopping the growth altogether. 

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AI Disrupts Cardiology Medical Device Sector - GlobalData

According to GlobalData’s research, AI is revolutionizing the medical device industry, especially the cardiology industry. From the list of AI-enabled medical devices approved by the FDA, almost 57% of the devices are for cardiology. 

According to GlobalData’s research, this trend is expected to continue in the future and create multiple opportunities for the medical device industry. 

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AI Voice Coach Shows Potential in Treating Depression and Anxiety

A study by researchers from the University of Illinois, Chicago, suggests that AI might be a beneficial tool to tackle mental health issues in the future. 

The findings are gathered after a pilot study by the researchers where they used an AI voice-based virtual coach for behavioural therapy. They found positive changes in the patient’s brain activity, with reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety after using Lumen, the AI voice-based virtual coach. 

This is the discovery that bridges the gaps in mental health care.

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Researchers Discover How Liver Cells Control Biological Clock

Researchers uncover the mechanisms through which liver cells regulate the body's peripheral clocks, shedding light on critical biological processes and potential treatment options.

Until now, it was thought that the bodies of mammals had one circadian clock that regulates activity throughout the day. The circadian clock is a central clock made up of a collection of brain cells knowns as suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) does the task of synchronising the circadian clocks, known as peripheral clocks, in all of the body's organs. 

However, researchers from the CNRS and the University of Queensland had discovered that the liver regulates peripheral clocks as a part of a collaborative effort.

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New Horizons: Exploring Innovative Career Paths for Medical Practitioners

The medical technology boom had led to the possibilities of new career avenues for medical practitioners with more supervisory roles in the future. 

Covid had accelerated the growth of medical technology in the past two years, and this has enabled the sector to fill in the gaps in administration and logistics. To a large extent, data analytics and IoT have taken centre stage in this effort to solve the health sector’s challenges. 

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