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Strategy to crack NEET SS Surgery

Jun 14, 2021

Strategy to crack NEET SS Surgery

How to prepare for NEET SS Surgery is the question prevailing at present in every super speciality aspirant’s mind. Thus, to prepare for surgery in the nick of time, you first need a schedule or a timetable which you must follow strictly.
PrepLadder brings forth this blog for NEET SS aspirants to familiarize them with the overview of the entire syllabus and the best approach to cover the syllabus within a time frame, unit wise, topic wise and chapter wise, along with the expected number of MCQs from various topics. The topic-wise expected number of MCQs, and stipulated the number of days you need to prepare NEET SS surgery.


NEET SS Surgery Exam Preparation - Books and Preparation Tips

1. General Surgery - 35 + 5 ( Bio Statistics) questions in NEET SS

  • The most important book you will need is Bailey & Love - Short Practice of Surgery 27th edition. This book should be the basis of your study and every line of this book is important. It may appear to be easy superficially but realize that every line is a potential question. If you are a resident, use Bailey & Love for your final examinations.
  • MCQ preparation book by Dr.  Pritesh Singh is a must. They are the best for revision. Don’t use them for the initial round of preparation. Read well from the textbook and then you know how to identify the errors from the MCQ book by Dr. Pritesh Singh.

2. GI Surgery - 60 questions in NEET SS

  • Sabiston Textbook of Surgery 20th edition should be your closest companion. Read the GI surgery part of Sabiston in detail. Every line in this textbook can be framed as a question.
  • Shackelford Surgery Of the Alimentary Tract 8th edition - Use this for selected reading of certain important topics such as Short Bowel Syndrome, Achalasia Cardia. 
  • Review books such as Kantamani Teja are the best to identify questions.

3. Onco Surgery - 60 questions in NEET SS

  • MD Anderson - Handbook of Surgical Oncology 6th edition - This is the best book for oncology. Read it in detail and read it well. It will be enough to get you a seat in MCh Oncosurgery.
  • AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 8th edition - Helps you know the latest changes in AJCC. Favourite question for examiners

4. Neurosurgery - 60  Questions in  NEET SS

The following books provide the best content for NEET MCh Exams. They provide real insight and depth into preparing for exams. Each book has its unique features and no one book can be taken as sufficient. 

  • Neurosurgery Fundamentals by Dr. Agarwal
  • Youngmans and Winn Neurological Surgery
  • Textbook of Focused Neurosurgery by Dr. Richard
  • Rhoton’s Cranail Anatomy and Surgical Approaches
  • De Jong Neurological Examination

5. Urosurgery - 60  Questions in  NEET SS

These books can be referred for MCh Neurosurgery Preparation

  • Nimhans Pg Medical Entrance Test 12ed 
  • CBS: DM/Mch Neurology and Neurosurgery: Entrance Examination: 3rd Edition.
  • Objective Study of Neurosurgery by Dr. Jaiswal.
  • Review of Neurosurgery by Dr.  Prakash khetan.

6. Head & Neck - 60  Questions in  NEET SS

NEET SS surgery comprises many branches out of which Head and Neck Surgery has fair and moderate competition. It combines a lot of topics such as Ear, Nose, Throat, Neck, Skull, and other expectant questions from Oncological, Pediatric, Pulmonological perspectives, and more. Given below is a list of books you can refer to for your exam preparation.

  • Logan Turner, Maqbools ENT, Dhingra
  • Sabiston, Schwartz, Bailey, and S Das
  • Anderson’s Pathology
  • Diagnostic Histopathology of Tumors ( For ENT Part)
  • Robbin’s Pathology

7. Endocrine Surgery - 60  Questions in  NEET SS

For the preparation of NEET MCh Endocrine Surgery, you can refer to the following books:

  • Hashimotos Taming the Beast
  • Endocrinology A Clinicians Handbook
  • Williams Textbook of Endocrinology
  • Schwartz Surgery
  • Evidence-Based endocrine surgery
  • Bailey Surgery
  • Atlas of Endocrine Surgical Techniques
  • Sabiston Surgery

Some Tips

After completion of the entire syllabus, you must revise the material studied and take up topic-wise Test Series for self-evaluation of the weaker and stronger section in the entire syllabus. Practice SS Question Banks from the PrepLadder application.  

You must opt for the Grand Test on an all India level which will familiarize you with the examination environment, relieve all end day stress, and most importantly, help you to overcome your shortcomings, and measure your preparation on a competitive level.

Like for any other successful candidate, the syllabus is the same for all, where the difference is, the utilization of the time and the approach followed.

Prepladder has set forth a targeted approach for the aspirants to assist them in their success. If you stick to the above-mentioned schedule, it will boost up your preparation and you will surely succeed in clearing the examination.

Hope this blog has helped you in gearing up for starting up your preparation for NEET SS Surgery. Use your time efficiently.

Stay tuned with PrepLadder!

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