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Top 5 Reasons You Must Take Mock Test Before the NEET SS Exam

Aug 02, 2022

Mock Test

In the words of Malcolm Gladwell, “Success had to do with deliberate practice. Practice must be focused, determined and in an environment where there’s feedback.”

The saying holds absolutely true when it comes to preparing for a competitive exam. NEET SS is highly competitive and one of the toughest exams nationwide. Needless to say, succeeding in the exam demands a great deal of effort, dedication, and practice.

Yes, you need to practice answering exam questions. But is practicing MCQs enough to achieve a decent rank and admission in your preferred speciality?

Well, to guarantee a top rank, you must go the extra mile. This means you must take mock tests. Keep reading to know how mock tests will take your NEET SS preparation to the next level. 


Importance of Mock Test for NEET SS 

Since we have stressed the indispensability of mock tests, it is time to understand what makes them so. Let's find out the top 5 reasons why you must take mock tests before the NEET SS exam

1. Helps Evaluate Preparation

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to competitive exams, it’s beneficial to know where your weaknesses lie. Mock tests allow you to evaluate the same. With the help of mock tests, you can understand how good/bad your preparation is. 

You will also be able to assess which topics you are struggling with and how you are doing with managing time while answering the questions. 

After evaluating your performance, you can make the necessary changes in your preparation to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the actual examination.

2. Aids in Revision

Revision is crucial to remember all you studied during the exam. Attempting mock tests can help you revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. 

The more you revise for the final exam, the better you get. So, the more mock tests you attempt, only gets you better and better for the final examination. And the practice you get from attempting mock tests will develop your confidence, which in turn will empower you in the actual exam. 

Once you get a rough idea of your shortcomings after taking the mock test, you can strategize and spend more time on those problematic areas. You can either practice the topic more or revise it again for perfection. PrepLadder has a solid Qbank of subject and topic-wise MCQs that will help you practice. Plus, these MCQs are complemented with treasures and related video lectures that will enable you to revise.

3. Gives You a Trial Run

Mock tests are designed on the actual exam pattern to give the students a feel of the real exam. For the aspirants who will be attempting the NEET SS exam for the first time, taking a mock test will be an excellent trial run. 

You will attempt a test prepared by subject-matter experts with questions of the same pattern and difficulty level. The test will be conducted in a timed manner, so you will be placed in the same situation and will feel similar pressure one feels before the real exam.

Not to mention, getting familiar with the style and scope of the exam will promote self-analytic capacity and confidence. It will actually help you deal with the pre-exam nervousness. 

4. Helps with Time Management

One of the most challenging parts of giving the NEET SS exam is managing to finish the exam on time. Half the battle is already won if you can ace your time management skills. Practicing MCQs and attempting mock tests will help you overcome this challenge. After taking the mock tests, you will know if your time management game is on point or needs improvement. 

5. Sheds Off that Extra Pressure

Every exam comes with a lot of pressure and can be mentally challenging and taxing. Exam created the pressure of remembering everything you’ve learned, the anxiety of competition, and the nervousness of the result. Therefore, students face a lot of stress which may hamper their performance.

Attempting mock tests helps fight this stress and nervousness. They provide the same environment as a real exam. The more you attempt mock tests, the more exposure you get to the final examination environment.

Attempting multiple mock tests will help you get used to the exam environment and shed off the extra pressure and nervousness.

Now that you know the excellent benefits of taking Mock Tests, we have good news for you.

PrepLadder is conducting the All Indian Grand Test for NEET SS. The test will be conducted from 7th to 11th August, and you will receive the result on 12th August 2022. The result of this grand test will be a performance indicator, which you can use to gauge your preparation progress.


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PrepLadder wishes you all the best for the exam.

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