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Game-Changing QBank 4.0 is Live

May 27, 2022

QBank 4.0

You thought you are equipped with everything you needed to succeed in NEET PG, but you aren’t. 

At least not until today! 

In pursuit of ensuring our aspirant's success, PrepLadder has launched QBank 4.0, which is now LIVE on the app. And, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve armed the QBank 4.0 with some incredibly new and improved features that you’ve never experienced before. 

Designed to enhance your productivity and revolutionize your NEET PG preparations, we have 

  • Added new questions
  • Provided advanced explanations
  • Improved active guidance 
  • Implemented custom module

Keep your eyes glued to learn more about these new updates.

Or Download the App and explore the features for yourself.

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Here’s What QBank 4.0 Has to Offer


New Questions

At PrepLadder, our primary aim is to offer your current and relevant preparation resources. With QBank 3.0, we had already shifted our focus to include more clinical questions. Now, QBank 4.0 takes it a step further as new questions have been added. There’s more. To achieve perfection, we’ve made the following changes-

  • We have followed the latest exam pattern to frame new questions.  
  • All repetitive questions have been removed. 
  • A single concept will be tested from multiple perspectives to cover all intricate details. 
  • Questions will be appropriately segregated and tagged to make things more convenient for you.  
  • Tags have also been updated in all questions such that it will be easier for your to solve, learn and review topics of interest.

Changes to Answer Choices

Not only the questions but their answers have also been updated.

The options for multiple-choice questions are made with the most likely answer.

  • D (least correct) < C < A < E < B (Most Correct)

Paired options will also be included.

  • A, B is correct; A, B, C is correct (A and B might be related but still won't be the right answer)

Custom Modules

We know our aspirants are used to learning from custom modules. So, we have improved it further. Welcome a simpler and more user-friendly interface that enables customization. Now, you can experience personalized learning with the option to choose, create and practice topics as per your learning needs. 

We have divided the question bank into three different modules- 

  • PYQ’s 
  • Integrated 
  • Image-based 

Further, we understand that while the finish line for all NEET PG aspirants is the same, the starting line varies. There are some aspirants who start preparing early and wish to practice from an advanced level. At the same time, the aspirants who are just starting out will need to touch base with the basics.  Therefore, there are three difficulty levels for questions: 

  • Easy
  • Medium 
  • Difficult

You can choose the difficulty level that best meets your learning requirements.


QBank 3.0 was already providing you explanation for each question with links to treasures. But we thought that wasn’t enough. So, now these explanations will be accompanied by charts and vivid illustrations that are easy to understand and remember. These explanations are now crisp and updated as per the latest guidelines. 

Active Guidance

Our active guidance feature was introduced in QBank 3.0, but we’ve improved it further to enhance your preparation.

When attempting a question, the keywords in the clinical stem will be highlighted to aid deductive reasoning. Except for direct one-liners, all questions that demand concentration or attention to detail will be highlighted. You will easily understand why specific options were ruled out as incorrect and how to reach the correct answer. 

We have also noticed that students spend a lot of time reading questions with long clinical scenarios. This concern is well-tackled as our active guidance feature is designed to help you learn how to skim through questions, identify the vital information that matters and reach the correct answer quickly

The feature will not only help you approach the long-stem questions strategically but will also help in time management and improving accuracy. 


Since the ultimate goal of NEET PG QBanks is to help you practice and evaluate your preparation, we’ve added an analytics feature that will make performance evaluation easier.

You’ll get tracking reports that will help you identify the areas that need improvement. After completing a module, the app will generate performance data and ranking percentage. 

You can also view the number of students who selected each answer option. Amazing right? It’s the perfect way to evaluate and compare your performance and scores with other candidates. 

The best thing about our analytics feature is that you will have the option to solve modules in timed, un-timed, or exam/ preparation modes. 

You can’t honestly tell us that it can get better than this. We encourage you to explore all these excellent features and make the most of them to take your NEET PG exam preparation to the next level. 

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