How To Prepare For NEET-UG In One Year?

Nov 25, 2021

Prepare for NEET-UG in one year

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible". This phrase is correct for NEET-UG preparation, where all your struggles, hard work and dreams are at stake. Hence, you have to believe in yourself and go beyond your limits to prepare and crack the NEET-UG in one year to achieve your goal.

The NEET exam is the nation's single medical entrance exam, the gateway to various MBBS, BAMS and BDS courses where lakhs of students will try their luck. Therefore, simply studying won't bring you the required results. For this, you also need a proper plan to reach your aim and grab a seat at one of the best medical colleges. A brilliant and organised preparation with the correct technique can help you crack the medical entrance exam. These techniques are not easy to understand only by self-study, so NEET-UG coaching plays a crucial role in preparing and cracking the exam.

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Here are the tips and techniques to prepare for the NEET-UG in one year:

1. Know NEET-UG Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The NEET-UG syllabus is vast, and you need to know the exact syllabus, keeping an eye on the critical topics. The NEET syllabus covers the NCERT syllabus, so it would benefit you to prepare for NCERT thoroughly and line to line. It will build up your concepts and give you enough time to concentrate on not covered parts. Moreover, before starting preparation, you should go through the NEET exam pattern, marking scheme, the number of questions and weightage to prepare well for the final day.

2. Time Management

Time management is one of the most vital aspects of NEET-UG preparation. Focus on yourself, identify your most productive hours and then make your routine. A disciplined, specifically designed and focused schedule is mandatory if you want to prepare and crack the NEET-UG exam in one year. Manage time wisely between your studies and daily tasks. Do not waste your time on social media and avoid watching TV unnecessarily. If you give your best till the exam day, you will succeed.

3. Hard Work

NEET syllabus comprises class 11th and 12th Physics, Chemistry and Biology syllabus. Thus, if your concepts of both classes are not clear, you will be in trouble. For this, you need to put in a lot of hard work with intense study hours to make up the pace with the wasted time. It is not at all easy but certainly challenging. And if you studied well in previous classes and your concepts are crystal clear, you are at an added advantage. Now, you have to practice extensively and revise thoroughly.

4. Clear Doubts

Clearing your doubts is an essential part of NEET preparation and, if not solved within time, it could be a potential obstacle between you and your dream to a great score. Ask your teachers immediately if you have any doubts or difficulty understanding any topic. Do not pile them up to get confused and tense in future. Moreover, you can take help from online NEET-UG mentors to clear your doubts, queries and problems.

5. Solve NEET Mock Tests

Mock Tests are an integral part of NEET-UG preparation, and toppers and subject experts highly recommend them. Aspirants who frequently practice various mock tests score well as compared to those who never attempted mock tests. Solving the mock tests gives you a fair idea regarding the examination pattern. You are advised to practice loads of mock tests within a stipulated time. By attempting mock tests and previous years' question papers, you will know where you made mistakes and take the required steps to avoid the same mistakes in the final exam. You expose yourself to multiple questions by practising mock tests and thus handle the examination very well.

6. Revision

Preparing effectively for NEET entirely depends upon how you revise. Revision is an excellent tool to memorise the information for a longer time. Revising multiple times can never be enough. You need to revise every single day. Dedicate a specific slot for revision in your timetable and practice with mock tests and previous year's question papers. Before going to sleep, go through whatever you have learned throughout the day.

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7. Do Not Leave Any Topic

You never know that questions can come from any portion of the syllabus, and if you ignore any topic, you may miss out on those questions on the day of the exam. Every topic is required to be read, and do not leave any topic just because it is difficult to understand. Instead, take the help of your teachers or seniors to understand difficult ones and clear your doubts. It will boost your confidence and help you overcome your fear. 

Subject Tips for NEET-UG

Chemistry Tips

  • Read the concepts from NCERT
  • Solve problems daily
  • Write down the formulas, reaction mechanisms and chemical structures in a separate notebook and revise regularly.

Biology Tips

  • Build conceptual knowledge
  • Read NCERT thoroughly
  • Refer best books

Physics Tips

  • Clear your concepts with NCERT
  • Solve numerical questions more
  • Master formulas
  • Time management is mandatory

Lastly, do not panic; instead, keep your head down and work hard. Following these tips will definitely help you clear the NEET-UG entrance exam in one year. It will help if you learn the correct preparation technique, proper guidance, the right attitude, determination to work hard, and the perfect planning to achieve your dreams. 

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